Dating : My Lovely Addict

h2>Dating : My Lovely Addict

Chloe Reid

He was a creature of surprising beauty. A man so sculpted not one person could look upon him without reaction. Lex, my dear Lex. My beautiful Lex was not always this way, and I am sad to say before he changed his appearance I may have passed him without a second glance. Such a thing would have been my loss, but if not for his appearance how could I ever have found him.

Lexington Bell was born Rick Bellington. Their family was very well respected and their son was everything he ought to be. Rick lived with his family a happy life until he met Nora. After Rick got his first hit off her he would never be the same, never see the world in the same light. Never be content in his daily schedule among his angelic family, so he followed her to the darkness. Other than that he would never tell me much about her except that she was his first and only love and that one day he hoped to see her before he died.

Nora was Lex’s enabler, and his desirable love came with some addictive consequences. As their time together went on rick found that he just never had the guts to send her away. Whenever he saw her he was useless in his lust, he was in love after all, and what could be sweeter than love. However, this story like many other love story’s has a sad ending. Nora never reappeared after one faithful night and rick felt it in his bones that something had surely gone wrong. After the government had started cracking down enforcing the penalties on the use of heavy drugs. There was no more snow, no more glass, not a scrap of the crank, and no Nora to be found on the streets. In all this chaos Rick scoured the streets like many other lovers but came up with nothing in all his looking. To this day Lex always continues to look for her even though he knows deep down like all of us what became of her. She’s was gone and if she resurfaces which I don’t think is ever going to happen I only hope Lex doesn’t lose himself too deeply in her love again.

With Nora gone Rick found himself in a hard position with no place to go, and no home to return to. That I think is what pushed him to do it, that and his loss and so it was that Rick Bellington sat in a chair for several hours and somewhere along the way decided to become Lex Bell; and a new man needed a new body. My dear friend, sometimes I wish I met you before you changed just to see your unpainted face. It was not painted that covered Lex from head to toe but one huge, (Or many small) tattoos. He was my beast, he was my beauty, he was my friend and now he was my skeleton. Dead inside to be sure, but still walking among us as my personal social pariah. He had the face of a pristine skull and the body of a finely built skeleton. All black, white and silver, showing off his boney body whether they liked it or not.

Lex was not always well received, or ever received he was among the roses for me. After all, he was just in recovery.

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