Dating : My Warrior’s Sword

h2>Dating : My Warrior’s Sword

A poem

Photo by Enoch Appiah Jr. on Unsplash

I know the sound of your heart,
I see your eyes kept, firmed and on target,
You are a true hunter,
A hunter trained to win a warrior’s battle,
And the panting of your heart has now melted into my soul,
And such music I never wish it ends.

When your sword pants and flies up and down,
My heart and blood pant with it secretly,
Only my soul knows how much trouble I am in when you are in the ring,
My heart melts in your longing,
I am not just thrilled,
I am firmly your goddess as the spirited image so decides.

I am sorry I pretended last when we first spoke,
I was amazed, and I felt like hugging and feeling you in the wrong place,
Frustrated and confused, I responded furiously and dashed you away,
My heart chose you long before we met,
Today, I present you my head tie, so that you can win for me!
Sure, it will guide you to victory
A victory that will send me to sleep.

As the crowd yells, 
Your victory so ensures,
And me, right down there, 
My heart melts like haze,
You are my deity,
And I, your goddess, wait in awe.

I have seen the sun goes down without you,
My lonely hours create an emptiness in my heart,
My soul is now a vacuum without seeing your face,
I am kept alive just for you,
And only you can heal my soul.

I sing this golden song just for you,
I know I have pretended, 
Now, in my loneliness,
My soul so feels your absence,
And I can no longer keep starved.

Today, in the hot burning sun,
I am on my way to the stream,
Not to fetch water,
But to sit and meditate on my deity,
To sing my hunter and warrior,
A man, so poor, so powerful,
And so strong, that only your victory changes the story,
This ego in you, I have fancied so long ago,
And my instinct has never failed me,
Truly, I cannot wait to get the first feel of your muscles.

I am yours,
You are mine,
And our children, especially my daughter will be proud of my choice,
She will smile and laugh, and know that I made the right choice,
And my days will ensure the shield of the warrior- hunter.

I will narrate that first battle to your children, 
That battle that now brings us together, 
When your sword panted and flew up and down,
When my heart and blood panted with it secretly,
When my soul was troubled for the victory of a stranger, 
When I threw my mind and soul to you in secret,
And finally, when I first touched your lips,
They must hear this song.

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