Dating : Notes From a Madman

h2>Dating : Notes From a Madman

Christopher J. Russell

The lost section, 21.2

Potential Logo for Mind University?

I feel there is more to be said on the topic of anarchy’s communal expression. Can not this template of living freely, and doing what you love be used in all kinds of human endeavours? Possibly not. Still, another way may be the creation and sharing of knowledge, science and technology on and for the mind. I want to focus upon the mind because of the neglect and dogma it has withstood in our recent past few centuries. Under the organization of anarchy, knowledge and awareness of the mind can grow exponentially, allowing for the possibility that the two main branches of knowledge, physical and psychic, can become more equal. We need to raise our understanding of what the mind is, how it develops and functions as a system of awareness, and psychic existence. Then to apply this deeper knowledge into technologies that will balance our existence with the knowledge and technology we have of our physical bodies. Let’s understand better how thoughts are generated, how feelings are perceived and beliefs are developed, and the important role of choice as the expression of personal will.

A university of Mind, organized under the banner of Anarchy. Using the template offered in this book, this university would not have a central location. Using the internet, classes can be held around the world. The collective nature and communal energy in the university will be the desire to explore, research, teach, learn and apply technology to the mind. We will use the old formats of classes, reading and writing on topics and interests of people’s personal passions with the mind. This includes the heart and intuition, and all forms of psychic phenomena plus spiritual development and awareness. As well as using the traditional tools such as research, empirical studies and statistics, we will also apply newer tools for scientific exploration through self aware, conscious introspection with clear concise notes.

This university will be open to the public, and anyone who can follow their basic learning principles can enroll. Classes will be using the light of Spirit, respect and an open mind, with the rule of listening first without interruption, then responding honestly. Teachers will create curriculum, and will grow or fade with use from students. The internet will be their meeting place, allowing for the sharing of ideas and feelings across huge swathes of time and space. This sounds almost supernatural, but with the technologies we have developed now, we are performing miracles. The whole planet Earth is our meeting place and anyone’s voice is the speaker/teacher, while we all are the audience.

There will be no admission fees, other than some infrastructure maintenance fees. Admission into the university is based upon the interests of students matching the knowledge and expertise of teachers. Compensation for knowledge being gathered and shared will be in the form of suggested gifts from student to teacher. There could be a center, possibly in a number of different cities, where administration needs are done. Real people would be working here to keep the university up and running. These people will need a salary too, and capital will be needed. These costs can also be absorbed by the public through live classes, workshops, group sessions, and other applied psychology for the public’s consumption in mental health and healing. This could generate appreciation for the university, and be an opportunity to show this with donations for the upkeep and services of the University of Mind.

One of these physical centers could be here in Vancouver, and can be run like the Wellness Cafe, only under the umbrella of Mind University. This would make the overall scope and influence a bit bigger, because of the added need for technology and internet connections and interfacing. This template for anarchy is thus expandable into a university size using the internet. This anarchist university would be autonomous, free and energized or run in the Spirit of Love. There would be no financial influences upon the research or knowledge shared, no dogmatic strictures or governmental controls. There would only be curious, focused attention upon the mind. This university will be for the benefit of mankind, all of humanity will be profited by the things being taught and done at Mind University.

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