Dating : One Man’s Trash — Part 1

h2>Dating : One Man’s Trash — Part 1

Emma Stone

What one man doesn’t appreciate, another one does

Samantha was up early Saturday morning to see if Ken would be back. It had been yet another out of three nights he hadn’t slept home. Yes, three; Samantha kept count. She knew everything about Ken, or at least she thought she did. One thing that she knew for sure, something was off about her boo lately.

She was just checking the time on her phone when she heard the door open. Dashing to see who it was, she nearly stumbled on the stool besides her.

“You waited up?” asked Ken as he hang his coat on the hanger. He still looked handsome although a little tired. He’d said he would be working all night and a part of her just wanted to confirm it. She thought perhaps she would see it in his face if he was lying but nothing. The uncertainty of not knowing if he was cheating was beginning to get to her.

“I was worried about you. You’ve been working hard lately; So hard.” She wondered if he could hear the sarcasm in her voice. Samantha wanted so badly to believe him, but her instincts got the best of her. She knew better than to ignore them. Ken worked as an insurance salesman and although he was doing a lot better lately, she doubted it was cause for extra hours. I mean, doing what? Every time she asked, he always seemed to have some smart answer that she couldn’t question.

Samantha reluctantly went to hug him, sniffing softly for any feminine scents. Ken was fresh; a little too fresh. No man after working hard all day smelled like soap.

“Have you showered?” she asked directly, watching keenly for his reaction.

“Uuh… Yes, passed by John’s place early this morning to help him drop some documents. It was his idea to work late. Figured I’d just freshen up before I came home.” Ken barely twitched saying that even though Samantha smelled a pile of bullshit. Why in the hell was he giving her those trite ass lies.

“I made you a hot bath and some breakfast. Thought that would help” she said. Ken was quite the ladies’ man and Samantha knew that the day they met. He was always the type to leave a first impression and she loved that just as much as she hated it.

“As long as you join me,” he smiled adjusting his tie. “Besides, I’ve missed you too much Sam.”

She liked it when he called her that. He had a way with her which made loving him feel simple. She followed him into the bedroom where he proceeded to take his shirt off. Sam lay on their king-sized bed watching his chiseled body come to life as he put his towel on. She could admit to herself that his dark chocolate body was perfect. If he would just remain focused on her, all would be well.

“Are you going to join me or what?” he asked walking to the bathroom. Samantha followed him with her eyes, watching that tight ass move as he left her sight.

“Just give me a sec, I have to switch the stove off. I’ll be with you in a jiffy.” She assured him. Truth was she wanted to see what her boyfriend was hiding, so she let him think she was going to the kitchen. Once he was out of sight, she rushed back into the bedroom aware of where he’d placed his cell phone and made the first attempt to unlock it. She hoped she could crack it but after two tries, it was clear she was going nowhere with it.

“Are you coming?” Ken’s voice startled her causing her to almost drop the phone. As she took off her robe to join him, reluctantly accepting defeat, his phone buzzed.

Thanks! A message popped up on his screen. It was a number she’d never seen before but she had no way of finding out whose. She gave up, realizing she’d taken long enough. Sam joined Ken in the bath, trying her best to relax her nerves.

Ken watched her as she slipped her silk nightie off revealing her beautiful round breasts. He was thinking of all the ways he would have her in that moment. Sam had long wavy hair, a result of her Caucasian roots. Her skin, chocolate brown, was a contrast to her luscious hair. She’d gotten used to being asked time and again what type of weave she was wearing. As soon as their skins touched beneath the water, she felt his manhood begin to bulge against her ass. His breath grew warmer on her neck as his chest rubbed against her back.

“You’re so sexy.” Whispered Ken as he planted warm kisses on her cheeks; she would have told him off but she couldn’t. What she really wanted was to ask him what was going on but instead, she closed her eyes getting lost in his embrace. She loved how his arms felt around her; how his hands explored every inch of her. The way he made her feel always drove the thoughts of cheating temporarily out of her mind.

It had been a while since they had a moment like this. She wanted him to take his time with her. Ken’s hands reached for her supple breasts, grabbing and kneading. The feel of his hands triggered her pussy to start getting moist. If he kept this up much longer, she would be trying to jump his bones.

“I want you so fucking bad,” he admitted in a husky voice, his hand sliding up her wet thigh. The soapy water made her ebony skin glow against the bathroom light. With one hand he spread her thighs while he started to finger her with the other. Helpless, Sam pushed her head back and wrapped her arm around his neck.

His hands were firm, his finger deep with each stroke. She liked it, begging him not to stop. Ken held her by the waist pulling her back and fingering her harder. He slid added another finger and after one more moment, a third. Her pussy sucked at his fingers.

“You like that you little whore?” he asked taking her by surprise. She was lost in pleasure ignoring the statement. Ken then grabbed her left breast squeezing harder while he preceded to finger fuck her even harder. The pleasure started evaporating under his rough treatment.

“Tell me you’re going to come for me you dirty slut.” He commanded. At first, Sam thought it was sexy but not anymore. Ken was getting a little too rough for her taste.

“Stop…” she moaned softly doing little to control her sex crazed boyfriend. “I said stop! I don’t like that!” she protested causing him to snap out of it finally. Samantha quickly got out of the water, upset. She picked up her nightie and stormed out soapy and wet. He was saying something, but she didn’t quite catch it.

The rest of the day was awkward with neither of them saying a word to the other. The weekend was just beginning and Samantha wondered whether she’d be able to survive it without going crazy. It bothered her how he’d handled her that morning. They never had rough sex, it wasn’t her thing. She had been fighting the fact that he’d been acting strange lately but now she was convinced it was something more. Was there another woman in his life that liked rough sex?

“Sam, can we talk?” Ken came up to her while she was washing dishes in the kitchen. She really didn’t think she could look at him without starting a fight. She took a deep breath, trying to concentrate on her chores.

“Talk to me, please.” He begged.

Sam hated keeping her calm; it was so unlike her. The real Samantha would have set his ass straight. She needed answers. She counted to three in her head.

“Sam, say something.” He spoke once more, irking her soul to the very core.

“What! What Ken? What do you want?” she lashed out. She didn’t think she could hold it in anymore. “You’re cheating on me Ken. Aren’t you?” She’d stopped moving the sponge across the plate in her hand unable to look him in his eyes.

“What is this Sam? I just wanted to know if you are okay. If I hurt you because, you know I never meant to.” Ken sounded so genuine, but she just wasn’t buying it.

“Kenneth please… please do not lie to me.” It sounded like more of a threat than a request. This time, she kept her eyes glued to his.

Ken didn’t react at all, which did not push the trust meter in this direction. “We’ve both been too busy for each other; I thought you’d like it if we switched things up. I would never have pushed it had I known you weren’t enjoying it.”

Sam prided herself in being a good judge of character so she thought she could find the truth in his eyes if she looked long enough. She just couldn’t tell. Ken almost got on his knees with his apology; she was left with no choice but to forgive him.

That was probably the beginning of her insecurities that never went away. Even though she found it hard to believe Ken was just working, she did her best to be the respectful girlfriend. She kept her focus on work and the best parts of her relationship. The sex was good, but it definitely could be better. Was she the only one feeling the drift between them? Either it was all in her head or time just seemed to float by for them.

When Ken wasn’t working, he was at home relaxing. There was a problem but Samantha just couldn’t put her finger on it. It was as if he needed her less and less each day. The whole idea just didn’t sit well with her.

During one of their weekends, Ken invited his friends over to watch a football game while Sam would be gone for most part of the day at work. Her shift ended early, so she passed by the convenience store to restock her kitchen. She figured she would make Ken’s friends dinner before they left. It was the least she could do after helping them with their move a few months ago.

When she walked in, Ken barely heard her at the door. She was carrying two large brown bags that were threatening to fall as she pushed the door open. Luckily, Bryan who was already in the kitchen swooped in and grabbed both bags before it was too late.

“Thank God for you Bryan,” Sam said panting and fanning herself. It was too hot outside. And the man in front of her was hot as well.

Bryan was one of Ken’s best friends who she happened to have met before him. It was he who helped Ken to make a move on her. Every time she thought of it, she laughed. Initially when Bryan approached her, she thought he was there for her and she was too excited. She was on a night out with her friends when the guys sent a drink over to their table via Bryan. Sam had been eyeing him all night hoping he’d talk to her. You can imagine the disappointment when she realized he didn’t even want her. Her drunken self didn’t mind though; not when she finally saw his friend.

Ken was everything she was looking for in a man. For starters, he was dapper all the time and charming. She fell for his chiseled face first before his athletic build. There was something about a financially stable black man that just turned her on. Sam had been through a number of bad relationships which involved a lot of money problems. She was just glad Ken wasn’t like that. She liked the attention they both got when they walked into social gatherings together. Everyone said they looked like an amazing couple while some she knew were just envious. It was obvious that other women were attracted to her man just as she was. I mean, who in their right mind wouldn’t.

Ken was 29 while Sam was 27 when they decided to move in. Some would have called it fast but she thought it was rational. It made no sense spending days at each other’s apartments every time they wanted to see each other. It was a mutual decision which seemed to work for both of them. A year later, it felt like the honeymoon period was over for them. Sam was trying her best to adapt to the changes that she assumed were normal. But it wasn’t working. She was starting to be miserable.

“Long day?” asked Bryan as he placed the bags on the kitchen counter. He was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Sam liked it when he was around her boyfriend. It made her feel safer.

“You have no idea. Don’t get me started on the traffic jam,” she giggled. He offered to help but she insisted he go back to the guys. It was quite the gesture though.

Ken barely looked at her when he said hello. He was sitting on the sofa with two other friends Lamar and John who both turned and waved.

“Wow, your friends can stop to look at me but you can’t?” she snapped out as she walked upstairs to get changed. She felt the room turn pin drop silent as she disappeared into her bedroom. It was the little things that mattered to her; the ones Ken seemed to care very little about.

She cooled down, silently walking back down the stairs and into the kitchen. Again, Ken’s eyes were locked on the TV screen. It was like she no longer existed to him. A chill went down her spine as the results of his utter indifference hit her.

“You’re still here,” she asked when she found Bryan sitting on one of the kitchen stools. He wore a warm smile as he scrolled through his phone.

“You found me here, remember?” Bryan snarked right back. They both burst out laughing. He was right about that.

“I was actually just finishing a work call, the kitchen is all yours now.” He stood up to leave. It would have been nice to have some company while she cooked but he wasn’t there for her and she respected that. She was trying to reach her saucepan which Ken had tucked so far up a high drawer.

“Let me help you get that,” Bryan offered trying his best not to stare at her mocha thighs. She was wearing a pair of booty shorts that hugged her bubble butt so nice and tight. Now that she was reaching for the top, her t-shirt was raised a little above her back and he could see her red G-string peeping. Bryan rushed to her help pulling the sauce pan out of the shelf. He could now see her from the front. He was hoping that his dick wouldn’t rise to the occasion. But no, it was making itself known through his jeans.

“Damn’ I didn’t know you had a belly ring,” he confessed when he saw it showing. It made her both uncomfortable and blush at the same time. She couldn’t help the smile that was plastered all over her face.

“Thanks for the help B,” she said looking up at him. He was around 6’5’ while she was only 5’8. It was hard not to notice the height difference. Was she just noticing how extremely good looking he was? She knew it would be weird if Ken walked in on them at that moment so she did her best to diffuse the situation. But damn, he was some serious eye candy.

“I’ll get started on dinner while you get back to the guys,” she said politely all the while feeling him eyeball her. Bryan had a bright smile that seemed to light the room up. She started to chop the ingredients up as she stole a few glances of his tall built figure as it disappeared. She put on some music for motivation while she cooked.

By the time dinner was ready, the game was just wrapping up.

“That smells delicious,” said Ken popping into the kitchen. He was putting his jacket on and she felt the disappointment flooding in. He was actually going to leave?

“You’re leaving?” she switched the stove off.

“Yeah, uh… We’re just going out for a few drinks then I’ll be back. I won’t be long,” he tried to downplay the whole situation, but she could tell that he knew he was fucking up badly.

She stood still staring blankly at him. Had he not seen how hard she’d been toiling in the kitchen? He wasn’t even going to stay for a bite?

“Well then, I guess I can pack some of these up for the guys then?” Sam spoke as casually as she could beneath the irritation. She would not cuss him out in front of his friends. She had more pride in herself. Although she could feel her temper slipping fast.

Sam packed food in separate dishes for each of Ken’s friends which they seemed to appreciate more than he did. Lucky for her and him, she could cook. Each one thanked her sincerely as they took the container. She noticed that they seemed embarrassed by the situation. How was it that they could read the room and her oblivious boyfriend couldn’t.

Or maybe he could and just didn’t give a shit anymore, said Sam’s traitorous inner brain. As much as she didn’t want to see the signs, it was clear that their relationship was on the brink.

Samantha woke up the next morning all by herself. It was 9.00 am and Ken wasn’t home yet. She phoned him three times but he didn’t pick up. She waited about an hour before she called him again. It was unlike her to do so but she decided to call Bryan next. She was beginning to get worried about Ken.

Bryan told her that he went straight home after the game so Ken probably slept over at Lamar or John’s place.

Ken came home at 11.43 am. Sam promised herself she wouldn’t start an argument with him. She was trying to have a good day. She kept her distance this time, lying on the sofa as he walked up the stairs. He said hello but that was it. She was tempted to run upstairs and have it out with him, but she didn’t feel like getting arrested for murder.

Things couldn’t have gotten more awkward between them when they decided to go out together one weekend. It was supposed to be a fun night out with friends when instead all hell broke loose. Call it a quadruple date where all the guys had female companions. It was nice to not be the only female for once. They had some food at a nice restaurant first then took it to a local bar. Ken had one drink too many and started to embarrass her while doing it to himself as well. She couldn’t stand how he left her to go talking to other women. She tried to brush it off at first seeming unbothered but with time it was clear that was not the case.

“Are you okay?” asked Bryan who noticed she was downing her second tequila shot in ten minutes.

She wasn’t okay; she was frustrated. Samantha nodded bravely. At least Bryan was happy; she was happy for him. Hiss lady friend seemed nice and composed. Bryan always seemed like the quiet type, the gentle beast. As she thought about her asshole boyfriend, she wondered why she didn’t get the sweet one; the one who can hold his liquor and remember the ‘ladies first’ rule.

She watched how Bryan talked to the lady by his side politely and his wonderful smile. She wanted that deserved that. Sam looked around the club for Ken only to spot him getting cozy with a strange woman in the corner of the bar. She wondered why he would even leave their table in the first place until she finally became vocal about it. His friends did their best to keep Ken in check while staying out of their business but he’d grown stubborn with more liquor in his system.

“I think it’s time for us to leave,” she announced at the table while she went to where Ken was standing and asked whether they could leave. To her surprise, her boyfriend wasn’t as drunk as she’d imagined he was. He was just being a fucking douchebag.

“Ken, can we go home now?” she asked as politely as she could. Ken was unbothered; not even ashamed to see her.

“You’re free to go if you want to.” He finally mouthed curtly this time wrapping his arm around the lady’s neck. How disrespectful! Sam couldn’t believe what was happening. Had Ken finally lost his mind? She went back to their table and sat back in dismay. Just then, Ken got up and left with his fairer companion. To her utmost shock, he didn’t even twitch while doing it. Sam went out to confirm her worst fears; Ken had left the bar with another woman.

It didn’t take long before everyone started to call it a night afterwards. While they started leaving the club, Bryan was kind enough to call his date an Uber so that he could take her home. After Ken had ditched her, it was the kindest thing anyone had done for her that night. Of course, she tried to downplay the situation but it was clear she was hurt.

Bryan was a moderate drinker unlike her Ken. Ken was the life of the party a bit too much. She thought it was irresponsible of him and she hated how it reflected on her. Perhaps the problem was that she cared too much about other people’s opinions,

“Why would he do that to me?” she asked fighting the tears that were now welling up in her eyes. She felt stupid looking pretty on the outside but feeling like shit on the inside. She thought her boyfriend was cheating on her but this was much worse. To her, it seemed like he was hooking up with random girls. That had to be the most embarrassing thing ever.

“You are not to blame for Ken’s bad behavior okay? He’s just too big a jerk to realize how amazing you are,” assured Bryan while he ushered her into a taxi. Bryan’s words felt encouraging enough at the time and even though she’d let a few tears fall down her cheek, she was no victim. She knew that in the morning, the reckoning would come. When the shit finally hit the fan, the fallout would be widespread.

Bryan held her close to his chest letting her rest her head there while she got intoxicated by his cologne. She thought of all the ways she could feel better with his help and she felt daring enough to try them.

When she got home, she asked him to come in so she could change before he could leave. She then came down in her silk nighties to say goodbye. In the process, she invited him for a cup of coffee to help sober up. From the looks of things, she’d be spending the night alone yet again.

“Thank you for always taking care of me,” Sam said moving closer to him for a hug. Bryan wondered whether this was more than just a night cap; still he wanted to be sure before he tried anything. His night had consisted of his fighting the temptation and he was doing so well until now.

“You don’t know how much I want to care for you,” he admitted. They sat there so quiet you could hear a pin drop. He tried to live up to his promise of being on his best behavior but she didn’t seem to want that. Sam didn’t want to be good anymore. Bryan felt his palms grow sweaty not daring to make a move until he was certain.

Sam drew him towards her with her longing hazel eyes and he felt her breath closer to his face each time. He too found himself now so close to her face that, he could smell the alcohol in her breath. He held on to his manners just a while longer till she rested her soft chocolate lips on his leaving them vulnerable to his taking. That was enough to make him lose his senses. Reciprocating the gentle kiss, he slowly took her by the waist pulling her in for a long deep kiss. He was slowly growing mad about her soft curves and thick butt.

Despite their exchange of alcohol filled saliva, her velvet lips still tasted like sweet chocolate each time. The longer they stayed locked in their embrace, the harder his tongue went into her mouth and she began to moan softly, inviting him. The feel of the satin against his skin had him longing for her bare skin against his. Bryan wrapped his hands around her waist tighter while she put hers around his neck. It had been a while before anyone showed her this much attention and she absolutely loved it.

She broke their kiss, giggling. “Wow.. That escalated quickly.” She exclaimed. Bryan was growing inside his boxers and it was beginning to hurt, yet he kept his cool. Samantha got up giving him a good look at her lovely breasts tucked in her satin outfit. Her nipples were hard and her cheeks were flushed.

“Follow me,” she started to walk out of the room as Bryan got up to follow her. His eyes were glued to her body and how breathtaking she looked. She stopped and took his hand leading him into her bedroom. Closing the door behind them, she moved closer looking into his eyes. She was much shorter now without her high heels and that turned him on. Bryan’s height was an added advantage and her petite figure made it easy for him to lift her off the ground. He saw the look of delight when her hips rested on his arms and his palms clasped her soft butt cheeks. It took him merely seconds to realize she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. He placed her carefully on top of her bed and kissed her passionately. He loved the way she whimpered softly then locked him in between her legs.

Bryan kissed her softly on the neck, savoring her sweet vanilla scent. The feel of her soft breasts against his chest made him harden and she felt it against her belly.

“I need you inside me so bad,” she whispered unfastening his belt. Sam was done suppressing her desires for this man. He was the one she’d wanted from the start and she was going to have all of him. She didn’t feel bad since Ken was cheating on her. The feeling was all the way mutual. She managed to unzip his pants while he slid her nightie down each shoulder. Bryan felt a rush of blood through his manhood when he saw her bare chested. Her beautiful brown breasts were firm and perky, the best he’d ever seen. The belly ring which made her flat tummy look even nicer drove him wild. He could look at this chocolate goddess forever. He pulled the tiny satin outfit further below to reveal a perfectly trimmed bush slightly above her clitoris then clean shaven down below.

Bryan got harder imagining what she would taste like. He’d fantasized about her more than she could ever imagine or knew. She helped him take his pants off and stopped when she finally freed his hard shaft. It was such a relief for Bryan when she smiled and lay back on the bed.

He got on his knees and parted her legs slowly while she watched him biting her lip. Bryan kissed her silky inner thighs gently rising up to where he thought she needed him most. Her caramel flower was moist and swollen at the mercy of his tongue. She spread her legs further apart giving him access to her most intricate regions. He loved the smell of her sex and decided to waste no time in tasting her. He kissed her gently focusing on the parts that made her squeal and he ate her like his life depended on it.

This was exactly what Sam had been missing; someone who would please her whole-heartedly. Bryan knew exactly what she needed and he did not disappoint.

She felt his beard tickle her as he licked where she begged him, pushing his tongue inside her walls. Bryan took his hands over her bosom, kneading softly as he devoured her over and over again and she grabbed the sheets begging him not to stop until she wasn’t begging anymore. Her soft cries turned into high pitched moans as she grabbed the sheets. Her muscles grew tense and her thighs tighter as she shuddered to an electric climax.

Bryan couldn’t wait any longer. Seeing her so helpless made him crave for a taste of her. She was ready for him, wet and desperately waiting to feel him inside her.

Samantha was so horny. He loved how much bigger he was than her boyfriend. Not only was Bryan’s dick bigger and better, he was also stronger. Looking at his sculpted abs was like laying your eyes upon an ebony god. He grabbed his trousers from the floor and took out a condom from his wallet. It took him a while before he ripped the packet open and finally put it on.

He got back up and positioned himself over her grabbing his rigid manhood in his hand while he attempted to enter her sweet walls. He pushed gently into her tight flower then began to thrust. She moaned softly as he went into her deep grabbing his back. His dick was so good, she could cry.

“I’ve wanted to make love to you since I met you,” he admitted running his hands through her soft hair. “You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever met Sam. Ken doesn’t know what he has.” He kissed her hard, filling her tongue with his long sexy mouth. She loved it when he kissed her like that, it made her wet for him.

Bryan held her close as he made love to the woman of his dreams listening to her moans that motivated him to keep going. He held her hand in hers while he pounded softly as she wrapped her legs around his back and begged for more.

“I love you Bryan!” she found herself saying out of nowhere. She’d never had sex so good in her life before; perhaps that was it.

“I love you too Sam,” he spoke sincerely pussy whipped.

He never thought he would feel so much for one person in such a short period of time but his feelings for her were more than just sex. He felt their souls intertwine as with every aching stroke. Her walls felt like they were closing in, so tight, he did not want it to end. He felt so privileged that she would let him take her like this and he was on a mission to deliver. They kissed, tongues exploring each other’s mouths as they made sweet love. He loved how her legs wrapped around his waist as if she didn’t want to let go. It was however becoming too much for him to handle. As they both rocked to the rhythm of the thrusts, he felt himself rise to a climax, filling up the rubber inside her.

He stayed there for a while then finally pulled out and collapsed on the bed. They said nothing for a while catching their breath as he took off the rubber and threw it in a trash can.

“Fuck!” Sam finally exclaimed. “I don’t want this to end.” She turned to Bryan as if begging him not to leave.

She was aware it was asking too much in such a short time.

“At least stay a while longer then,” she begged aware of the feelings that had now blown up inside her. She had been falling for Bryan this entire time and the sex had just made that worse.

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