Dating : Playing the Piano

h2>Dating : Playing the Piano

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Playing the Piano

The bright sunlight outside the window is giving me a soothing effect as it is crossing the light blue curtains and falling on my Piano. Blue, a colour which is often symbolized with sadness, always reminds me of the limitless sky and an open ocean.

There is an open glass jar filled with coffee beans placed right on the edge of that window. I have kept the window panes open but pulled down the blue curtains, so I can enjoy the breeze but not the blinding brightness of that life-giving Sun. Ironic it is, how we usually want a part of something, but not the other thing which is inherent with it. Something, or someone? You decide.

I placed the coffee bean jar there so that I can enjoy its smell every time a breeze blows into my room. Well, that’s what I decide.

It’s been quite long since my fingers touched the dense wood of my piano. Really long, I guess. I always liked the way the ends of my hands used to go up and down on these black and white notes, and so used to go my face. Although I didn’t see my own face while playing the piano, I am sure it was much brighter than the Sun outside my window. That’s what music does to you. It synchronizes you with yourself.


The book which was lying next to the coffee jar is now lying on the floor, thanks to Lucie, the cute cat. She ain’t really my pet but loves to loiter around, especially through my open window. Thanks to her, once again, she brought me out of my memories and now I am staring at the fine dust layered on the teak wood of my piano stand.

I am thinking now what should I do, probably should go back to my work and just be happy that I thought about these thoughts for a while. But something is different today, I don’t know what exactly. But something definitely is.

I sat frozen for a couple of seconds, nostalgic may be. Then I wiped off the dust from the wooden lid of my piano. As my hands wiped it off, they became dirty, but I felt clean. Inside.

My wrists shook for a moment, but then they opened the lid. Yes. I remember this smell. The mixed smell of the piano keys with that of the coffee beans, it just lit my senses.

I glanced at Lucie sitting on the window near the coffee jar, and caught her staring right at me. Then I turned my head and looked at these black and white keys. My eyes went close and my head went up and down, as went my fingers, on the Piano. Miss Lucie looked at me and then at the Sun outside the window. Then she yawned, put her head down on her paws and continued to look at me.

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