Dating : Self-reflection of traveling in July 2021

h2>Dating : Self-reflection of traveling in July 2021

Traveling requires taking some risks, especially at this current time. There are lots of risks: planes, trains, or buses being canceled last minute, not getting the right documents/ tests to enter the country you travel to, not getting the latest local info about the covid restrictions, getting in touch with people who got infected…etc. It’s pretty stressful to travel during this time even though with all the excitement that goes with traveling. At some points, especially when I was queueing for check-ins, I always wonder if the anxiety outweighs the excitement that comes with the trip. Staying at home is definitely a safer option but you just also constantly wonder if you’re wasting away another summer or another year of youth by staying at home. However, I still think don’t regret traveling this month but let’s just learn to be more prepared and don’t worry about things when I’m prepared.

1st verdict: Travel

Traveling also requires all sorts of flexibility when it comes to places to visit, to eat, or even stay. Lots of places I visit now require a booking or getting a test beforehand in order to visit a museum, go to a restaurant or get in a club. However, I also want to be flexible when it comes to the schedules of my trip and not be so strict on things. So when I end up not booking anything, I ended up not having a plan and could only wander around the city. Planning is never an issue for me but I just want to forgo those disciplines when I travel. However, traveling this summer doesn’t allow me to do so.

This makes me wonder, should I have just stayed home and keep my stability and discipline altogether and don’t dream of being let loose by traveling? Losing my routine also makes me a bit all over the place and loses direction, should I have kept the routines even when I travel? I don’t think I’ve ever been so stuck inside my routines because life always comes with surprises and uncertainties. However, due to lockdown and home office. Every day becomes so predictable and I got fully buried in my routines. So when I finally got out and travel I ended up still got one foot in the routine, one foot out. Felt like walking in limbo. I don’t know which way I would actually feel better. Traveling to get rid of routines or Staying at home to keep on track? Or is there a compromise?

2nd verdict: Undecided

Being open to new possibilities also means being vulnerable to being hurt. I traveled to meet some dates during this month to decide to be open and see how things develop. However, I also felt quite sad that I didn’t see the possibility of them developing further. Should I have not pursued things and push for them and just see how things go naturally? Or should I be brave and find out no matter the distance? Is staying at home and keeping things virtual actually a cowardly act of me or a better way to keep feeling that tiny warmth feeling from time to time? Well, I guess I would choose to find out and wish to recover soon and let time soothes the wound.

3rd verdict: Travel

After all, I think traveling is still a good choice, but I just have to learn from the lessons on where I fell and hope those mistakes won’t happen again. However, I’m also ready to get back into the routine and stay home for a while.

This month’s blog might not make sense at all as it’s more of a self-reflection and a dialogue with myself, but I’ve discovered writing is such a great way to reflect and let out emotions. I hope some of you might be able to understand my feelings and have some thoughts as well after your trips this summer. Travel safe, stay healthy.

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