If you like to block or ignore someone text, you need to know what will happened afterward

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This concept is becoming habit to people nowadays. We all love the concept ignoring or blocking people around that we find irrelevant to our life, because it is easier that way. It is the simplest form of action.

Yet, every action is always followed by the consequences, even the simplest one. But, not many of us knew about this, we often think that since it is a simple action therefore it is not gonna ended up in anything.

Blocking one person meaning, you let yourself entirely irrelevant to this person and that’s what you want yet if you have already walk your life with this person, thinking about them everyday, or still have a feeling with them. Then this simple step will be a heavy burden to you because blocking or ignoring someone whom is part of your loved ones will not gonna be easy.

By fact, you may ended up suffering your ownself because the cost of it will be your own heart, honesty and feeling. You may have the capability to blocked them in social media but not real life.

Let’s say that you happened to completely avoid them.

Was that your heart tell you to do? or Do you end up in your room thinking about what just happened?

Let me tell you my personal experience. I am the one who get blocked but this guy ended up always unblock and then blocked me again. It is clear that he want to blocked me in his life entirely but unable to do so.

So, he blocked, ignore and unblocked then say ‘Hi, Felicia’ but was it worth it?

What if? I ignore him completely because now I have the power to do so. He hand me that power to ignore and blocked him completely. Why is that so? Because the person you blocked will have this sour feeling and saw your weakness.

Blocking and ignoring is a sign of a weakness. This person unable to say their feeling of disagreement or even saying ‘No’. Most adult people I met always choose this step but when being confronted, they can only stated personal reason, that is too personal and embarrassing to tell because they know it will end in confrontation.

The scenario will goes like this, when both party meet in rea life and let’s assume that they are woman and man

Woman: “ Why you ignoring my text?”

The man will give multiple answer

Man (1st reason): “I forget to reply”

Man (2nd reason): “I don’t receive your text”

Man (3rd reason): “I don’t see your text, probably miss it!” when clearly he read it.

With all the reason, if you are a smart person you notice that the hint is there. The man doesn’t like this woman but this woman want a clear explanation but in today’s world, there is no clear explanation unless both party already agreed to sit down and talk.

Usually these act-block and ignore people person is someone who will ended up saying:

“Is she or he stupid? cannot read my attitude?”

We all have this concept that set in our mind dividing people between stupid or smart, between nobility and poor and so many others. We react that way because we feel satisfy after we abruptly tell how stupid this people is.

What do you think?

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