Dating : The Mercy Man

h2>Dating : The Mercy Man

Even heroes make mistakes

Mark Kelly
Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

— Who the fuck are you, anyway?

— I’m the guy who took your eyes

— Are you fucking crazy, coming back here. Do you think you’re going to walk out again?

— I’m going to walk out of here in exactly five minutes

— My guys might have other ideas

— Your guys are… indisposed

— What the fuck do you want?

— I made a mistake when I left you like this

— What do you mean?

— I had qualms back then. I thought you wouldn’t harm other people if you couldn’t see

— That was just the start for me

— I know. Victim compensation let you build something even bigger

— So what?

— So, I’ve been counting the cost of my mistake. Twenty more deaths on my conscience because of a moment of weakness

— You’re still a bleeding heart pussy. You think I’ll beg for mercy?

— I’m going to be merciful. To all those people you would hurt if I let you carry on

— You talk too much

— I think I’m finished now

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