Dating : The most common behavioural mistakes made by men on Tinder

h2>Dating : The most common behavioural mistakes made by men on Tinder

Lídia Egresi

Are you getting very little positive feedback, matches, likes? Have you ever wondered if the reason could be that you communicate bad vibes? Rudeness, agression, negative attitude and so similar things can be interpreted from your dating profile, without having any real interaction with others. Maybe this is the way you want to continue being, but if you want to level up, go further with the reading of this post.

Living in the era of homo interneticus and being in a lockdown for over a year made us feel lonelier than ever before. The recent paradigmatic changes in our social life surely gave to everyone some previously unknown experiences.

However, dating apps has been there before and obviously will stay with us. I have been using such applications for a while and based on the hundreds of thousands profiles I have seen, I see some typical patterns. Now, I would like to go into details regarding what behavioural problems can be reflected in a dating profile. This collection doesn’t refer to direct messages, only based on the pictures and bio provided by the user. Some of these mistakes are pretty straightforward but some might require additional explanations, so here you go!

Let it be the picture itself, posing with some weapon or text you put into your bio, it’s a no-no (unless this is really your true self and you are proud of it).

Here I’m thinking about examples which are generally accepted as impolite, regardless of cultural, or political background.

Well, an intelligent person simply would never tell about himself that he is intelligent.

  • Feeling shame for using dating apps

Texts like :“We will tell everyone, we met at the grocery”, seriously? If you are feeling ashamed of online dating, you should stay with the traditional methods. Also, how do you want to be liked, if you are not visible in any of the pictures or your bio is empty?

Posing with beer, cigarettes or your bio contains only “420”? Or maybe the only thing you do is gaming, gambling or you are visibly a sex/porn addict? Well, chances to find someone decent are very little…

  • General appaerance, countenance

If a guy takes care of himself, the chances that he is happy and satisfied with himself are higher.

I will describe these categories in seperate posts. Remember, these signs of behaviour are pushing away possible candidates

Thank you for reading this artice.

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