Dating : The Whirling Tempest

h2>Dating : The Whirling Tempest

Parnell Piano
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Behind every great man, there is a great woman — that’s how the antiquated adage goes, Dave thought. Then a simple but chilling idea followed.

What if it’s true?

Still slouched over his desk, shoulders pressed forward, hands on the keyboard, the young man’s gaze left his monitor as he turned his head around. His neck moved at the pace of molasses in the dead of winter, timid with the thought of what his eyes would discover.

Finally, he saw it. Absolutely nothing.

Dave looked at an empty room behind him. Phew, a mellow sigh left his mouth. He adjusted his swivel chair and settled himself back into place. He stared at the blank document on the screen.

But what if, his eyes widened as his mind raced, she’s behind me right now!

His head snapped back as he pivoted the chair to turn almost completely around. There was still nothing there. Just an empty room. But he couldn’t get over the notion. Just before he postured himself to face the desk, he spun again. What became a double-take turned into a triple. Then quadruple. Quintuple. Sextuple.




Each jerk of his neck more violent than the last, every swivel of the chair more vicious than the one prior. Dave spun too fast and lost control. He spiraled into a frenzy. The gravitational force built until Dave had no control — if he had any, to begin with.

He was a whirling tempest now. Spinning, spinning, and spinning.

The strength crescendoed until what started as a tiny dust devil turned into much more. Dave’s desk was torn apart. The walls around him shattered under the power of the winds he had generated. His reach expanded instantaneously. His apartment was torn to shreds. Then his entire building. Dave was now a full-blown tornado, tearing through the Manhattan city block. This exponential growth set him on course to destroy the Eastern seaboard within the day. If left unchecked, he’d simply go on to destroy the world.

… and then, Dave was ripped from the destruction and brought back to reality.

He felt a kiss on his cheek which almost had him jump from his seat. He noticed the blank document still in front of him. Dave turned and saw the eyes of his lovely wife.

She laughed, “I’m sorry did I startle you?”

He looked at her dumbfounded, words forming in his mind but nothing of value escaping.

His wife gave him a cheeky smile, “Stop procrastinating and start writing.”

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