Dating : Till We Met Again~

h2>Dating : Till We Met Again~

Till We Met Again~

What if when we met someone we just thought till we meet again. I won’t have your number, I might not even have your full name 😉, BUT….till we meet again. If you believe in fate, giving more power to it. They met again 3 seasons later, if everything but knowing each other better was there…yet we still thought till we meet again. Tom was eager on a Wednesday and thought of this one encounter a much colder time ago…..only a dangerous video chat with her on her way to see her mother in the hospital was what kept interest all those months. Maybe practicality was in the way. Hour drive. 2 hours. Why doesn’t anyone count a round trip?! It wasn’t a one way drive for Tom as he pulled into her little town as the sacada bugs screamed and the moon was close and full. If there was a sound for the beginning of school it would be the sound of a sacada bug. Kindof resembles the blow of a wissle. Exciting time. Bay, worried….what would this encounter include…what is his prerogative with this visit? Oddly enough their 3 hour conversation in such a natural place of peace for Bay…. picture this woman literally hugging her home after being gone for 2 weeks in North Carolina. Back to present time…after 3 hours…no itinerary….no drive…no alcohol. It seemed clear…Tom had no intentions, no prerogative, no other reason to spend the time with her. It was revitalizing to her. Like being born again? No….just a clean slate. Ahhhh, yes it didn’t have to be called a date….the best part. So much stigma on “Dates” and “sex”. Bay couldn’t stand the type that got hung up on a title. You…”My Wife! You…My Girlfriend”, she heard loud and clear from most. Someone that could appreciate spending time with someone. Is…priceless usually. She wondered what she looked like during this…encounter, stressed, bothered, over joyed? All 3 yes please with a side of I have alot of baggage…right there….for both my kids….and their dad. That’s right don’t fool yourself Bay, your not 20 and babyless anymore. Bay enjoyed the conversation enough to forget about what she looked like…problem is getting distracted when looking at Tom. He hackled about all the perfumes in the bathroom…Nothing about Bays said “A family lives here”. Definitely her safe haven to be obvious. A perfect place to open up. What’s better than being upfront before going on a date with someone. This was making Bay feel old, but when Tom kissed Bay she suddenly felt so young. She could count 6 colors~ She said everything before he could~He touched her hands, she touched his chest~ Bay gave up her weight to him and he danced her to the wall. Bay was distracted by how long will this last, it must for quite a time she thought. Tom lifted her arms and kissed her neck. Bay pulled on his back and grabbed is neck. This was a feeling..they both thought could last forever~~

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