Dating : Tired of Playing Difficult Games to Find Love? Then Try These

h2>Dating : Tired of Playing Difficult Games to Find Love? Then Try These

There is an old bit of wisdom that states, “Love is like a game of chess, it takes skill.” This isn’t great since many of us don’t know how to play chess. We pretend our moves are strategies. Mostly we just pray that the other player is worse than us.

The rules for dating should be simpler, like children’s games. Easy to opt in or out of, understand, and to figure out if the other person is in the game.

The best part of tag is that you know who is playing. No one gets tagged and turns around to say, “Well, I should be it, but it’s complicated.” If so you could reply, “Nope, it is not complicated. You are not ready for a relationship. Go enjoy the swings, the rest of us in this frantic game are yearning for companionship.”

An update to “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” this game allows you to find out immediately what someone is looking for. When you meet another person you are interested in you two can count to three and then use your hands to reveal your choice. Condom means they only want low-key sex, spooning means they’re looking for a relationship, and the ring means someone is hoping for marriage. None of these beat the other, the only winners are those who match and don’t lie.

Groups of singles line up on opposite sides of a room, holding hands. One person yells, “Red rover, red rover, send Kyle right over.” Kyle runs as fast as he can toward two people in the opposite line.

If he isn’t interested he proceeds to break through their human arm chain. However, if Kyle would like to pursue one (or both) of the individuals, he wouldn’t try to break through too hard. If either of the people he is attempting to break/not break through have no desire to date Kyle, they allow their arm chain to be broken when barely touched.

One of you stands there and says exactly what you want to say, substituting your own name for Simon. “Simon says he’d like to take you to dinner.” If the other person is into it they will play this game, relieved that they don’t have to figure out what you want since you’ve already said it.

With eyes closed a player shouts, “I want!” Those who are playing shout back, “Commitment!” Eventually, the “it” person will stumble upon someone who is equally (and vocally) invested in building a relationship.

Tie your foot to the foot of the person you’re interested in. If they don’t shout for help that means they are into you.

Finding someone where you least expect it is a common denominator in both love and the game hide and seek. So it is only logical that the two be brought together.

On date night choose which one of you will seek the other. Then search shrubbery, cafes, and their house. If you find them, you keep dating. If either of you decides there is no chemistry just say, “Olly, olly, I want to be free.” Both the game and the budding romance end amicably right there.

What do you think?

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