Dating : To Sleep or Not to Sleep with the Boss

h2>Dating : To Sleep or Not to Sleep with the Boss

Tag-of-war between desires and power dynamics

Stella Fidem
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He’s been smiling at you for a while now. It’s a different smile, not the one he gives every colleague. He’s considerate and kind. When he passes by, he smells nice, and he’s always well-dressed.

Today at the Christmas party, you both drank a little. You laughed and shared quality time. It was agreeable; he made you feel special. You reached out and touched his arm. Unconsciously, of course, but it sent chills down your spine.

He dropped you home, after hours of talking in his car. You said thank you and got off. He left.

And now, you can’t stop thinking about it. There was something between you two. You did not imagine it. Admittedly, trying to flirt and seeing where it goes wouldn’t hurt. If anything, it would probably help your career and perhaps your personal life.

So the next morning, you start your day with a very different attitude. It’s time to make the fantasy come true. It’s time to have sex with the boss.

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POF : Guys really be in they feelings and it’s pathetic. He blocked me after this 🙄… like clearly you wouldn’t be in my inbox. Imma just go back to ignoring messages.

POF : why do my pictures look so blurry?