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Jung Verde

The cold metal beams of the cell aliased like snakes to her eyes, she was trapped in the belly of this beast with no way out and no way through. She could scream, certainly, but what good would that do? She would have no way of reaching out through certain exact physical means, but in her heart she knew there was a way out of this situation. The uniformed guards clothed all in dark olive green outside the cell glanced at her skinny ragged frame, her shoes we bleached from their time in the sun and her skin was darkened from numerous sunburns, they had found her wandering the desert and had taken her in, as punishment for her crimes and partly as solace against the brutal environment they had discovered her in.

“If your thinking of melting these bars, witch, you’ve got another thought coming” spat the guard at the frail woman lying the back of the cell, not in English but another language she only understood in the back of her mind. Her black jeans were torn and rotted away, her brown shirt torn in various places. To some people in the city she grew up in back when the United States existed she might have seemed to be making some sort of fashion statement, now she was just lying back and waiting for the end to come, or perhaps this was the end and there was not anything she could really do about it. Her heart hurt, and her throat was parched.

“Please, could I just get some water? You’re masters will be quite displeased if they come back to find nothing but a corpse.” Her voice had that recognizable British twang to it, the voice spoke of times being a sophisticated creature while her physical being told quite a different more dangerous story. She received no answer except the body language of the guard turning his back to her and facing away. Clearly this could go nowhere except worse.

She closed her eyes and bent her legs together. Since she was but a young child she had been gifted with what her parents called a highly intuitive mind. It was so strong that in middle school they sent her to a mental hospital, it reminded her of this room, highly speculative in her mind she thought back to both the safety the white padded walls had felt to her and the danger of being kept up and at the mercy of supposed professionals in treatment to what they labeled as a psychosis, perhaps more accurately as some form of schizophrenia.

One day she had simply walked out. She knew exactly where the guards would be, when they would be coming, exactly what would happen next, and she simply walked out. They tried to find her, her parents were quite cross when she simply walked back into her house, plopped onto the couch, and started her schoolwork she had been missing. She told them she had been cured, and never spoke of it again, but also never showed off her true gifts to the world.

In her minds eye she entered a trance, deeper and further into her minds eye she journeyed to find a path. It took her places, very deep dark places across the world, the web of connections of information her sensory collection apparatuses had barely had time to collect together but even with the missing information a part of her unconscious mind had projected an entire model of the human and animal world of earth that her psyche was eagerly picking apart in order to piece out a way out of this prison.

She saw it now, the beams melting apart and the times the guards would leave, would change shift, who would change shift, where they would be collected, how a dog barking somewhere in South America created a rippling of domino effects that eventually led to one of the captains bringing a helicopter over to the compound which she would simply walk into, start, and fly back home. So many rippling effects across the entirety of the world, she felt like a spider in the middle of a web, feeling every vibration of the different insects that disturbed every thread, plucking, moving, buzzing.

It would take till the night until the effect took place. She simply walked over to the bars, they were now loose, she moved through them, one of the guards went up to stop her, slipped on a puddle that just happened to be there, she extra weight of the weapons he carried jammed them deep into his chest where he bled to death. She walked up and grabbed his gun, the noise would attract another guard to the chamber, without looking down the right hallway she fired her gun at the approaching guard, of course the bullet would lodge inside his chest and he would also succumb, mostly, to his wounds. He would stay a paraplegic for the rest of his life, and the sequence of actions that led from this would further ripple through the human web having consequences that stretched out into hundreds of years.

She continued until she left the compound into the desert air, there was a house connected to an underground potable well which she opened up and drank greedily from. Her thirst was intimately quenched by the succulent water that flowed into her mouth. Just on time the helicopter touched down on the landing pad. She walked at brisk pace to the helicopter, not to quickly, but also not too slowly, just enough as she had seen in her vision. She made it to the crossing into the landing pad, there were no guards. Two mean jumped out from the helicopter, she shot both of them quickly and jumped in. There would be someone with a rocket launcher coming out soon, she had seen it.

She jumped into the pilots seat and started the vehicle, she had never flown a helicopter before but she had seen the exact sequences of actions she would need to do in order to escape, so she simply followed these to the letter. As expected, the guard with the rocket launcher came out, she followed the sequence of actions that had been laid out such that the rocket would fire and not hit the helicopter. She was in the air now, they would not be able to call reinforcements. Her hands guided the controls, her conscious mind had no idea what she was doing but in her unconscious trance state she knew the exact sequence of actions necessary in order to pilot the helicopter effectively to where she needed to go. She would reach Dubai, land the helicopter perfectly, then find shelter in a motel, and exit the trance state. That was as far as the web of information her unconscious mind had gleamed together. It would take awhile for her conscious mind to collect more in order to do this again, and she knew not what past landing and freedom what the immediate future held in store for her. Luck, if she could really call it that, was clearly on her side.

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