Dating : What To Expect When Your Heart Breaks

h2>Dating : What To Expect When Your Heart Breaks

I always thought that relationships ended in fire so when mine ended in ice I wasn’t ready. I thought breakups were harsh, lined in a jagged fights and long nights so when the quiet fade, of crying on a beach bench as she told me we wouldn’t make it, came, I wasn’t ready.

At first it felt like a knife wound. I felt like a shattered vase, irreplaceable and worthless in pieces so I wrote. The first poem I wrote was called 5 Steps To Convince Yourself You’re Okay, it goes a little something like this:

  1. Scream. Just scream like you mean it, as loud as you can. Let your vocal chords shatter life stained glass in a church window.
  2. Lie. I’m not talking that little white lie shit. Lie like you’re a spy undercover with a gun to your head. Your life depends on it. Tell yourself that you’re a bulletproof vest so many times your skin becomes iron.
  3. Swim. Stop looking around for a buoy in the middle of the ocean. Learn to keep your head above water. Struggling makes it worse.
  4. Resist. Blood is thicker than water. Not metaphorically. When your soul is sandpaper raw don’t turn to the desperation of ripping your stardust skin just to watch the galaxies pour from it. Cleanse yourself. Don’t let yourself choke on it,
  5. Write poetry.Take every twisted stomach knot and lump in your throat

but now I’m standing up here with a hot glue gun and some determination to tell you that vase is still worth it to some people! That vase is still worth it to me!

So I wrote a new poem. This ones called: How To Really Be Okay

1. Cry It Out. Cry until you’re so dehydrated that your palms are like deserts and there is only the mirage of pain.

2. Be honest. To yourself. You won’t feel alright for a while. But you’ll see that’s okay. Even if that takes your best friend standing with you outside the Student Center at 11:30 at night shouting “I’m not okay and that’s okay!”

3. Find closure. Text her. Tell her all the things you didn’t say last time you saw each other. Talk about the things you feel. Clear the air.

4. Build a support system. Talk to your friends and family. Let them help. Isolating yourself is going to burn worse.

5. Fake it till you make it, cus sometimes that shit just works.

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