Dating : What’s your wind like?

h2>Dating : What’s your wind like?

Sampurna Dhar

Just a statement before you start reading. I wrote this between 1:30 am to 2 am last night, eyes swimming with sleep. When I woke up this morning and read it, I found it hilarious and decided to share it in its pristine condition. Enjoy!

It’s really easy to think of this as a fact-based or a story with foundations in meteorology. I mean, what else would people have to say about the wind? Well, this isn’t a fact-based article. After all the fun I had writing about books, I took to write another breezy (get it?) article. So let’s fly right into it. Be prepared to leave logic behind since what comes below might sound a little silly.

How many kinds of wind have you experienced? Go ahead, think about it. Let your mind drift to the times where you felt and heard the wind around you and on you. Can you recollect a few kinds? I did the same exercise today (I did club ‘breeze’ and ‘wind’ together), and here’s what I could think of. For a fun exercise, why don’t you try imagining each one of these as you read them?

  • A light spring breeze that brings you momentary relief from the surrounding heat.
  • A hot yet gentle breeze that somehow makes you feel hotter than you did just moments ago.
  • A very sandy squall that carries with it the taste and smell of the sea as well as actual sand particles (usually found near the beach/coast).
  • A short and gusty breeze that’s just cold enough to remind you how high up you are (it increases in intensity the higher you go). Best felt on a mountain drive or at a cliff.
  • A moderate gale that signals the arrival of monsoon with an unnatural coldness compared to the weather around it.
  • A fresh gale accompanied by rain during the monsoon. This type of wind usually puts a force into the raindrops, making them prick you like razor sharp shards of glass.
  • A windstorm that feels like it’s rushing through you, deafening your ears, forcing your eyes shut, and carrying you off into the unknown, leaving your empty husk behind.
  • A cold swirl of air chilling you like an ice cold finger caressing your bones over and over.
  • A strong gale that blows before the rain during a thunderstorm. You can feel this wind crackling with electricity and energy around you, waiting to burst open somehow.
  • A calm and dry breeze indicating the end of the monsoon and the slow arrival of autumn/winter.

There might be so many more, but let’s catch up for a minute on the ones we have read about above. Have you imagined the winds blowing as I went through them? Which one made you smile when you were imagining it? Which one did you identify with most? Which one did you feel at peace with the most?

Your favorite kind of wind (like any other random preference) says a lot about your likes and the kind of person you are. Not to stick a label or anything, but it does make up a part of who you are and how you approach life. It can also give you some insight into what you are feeling currently and can even act as catharsis for your current predicament.

Once you know what your favorite kind of wind is, try this the next time something happens and you feel stuck/sad/angry. Speak to your wind. Call it to you, and feel it respond to your call. Do this in a quiet and open place so you get the best results. Share with it your problems, pour your grief into it, fill it with your happiness, and in return it will cleanse you and give you a new start, while carrying away your secrets.

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