Facebook emoticons and symbols to illustrate your articles

Facebook emoticons and symbols to illustrate your articles

Emoticons and emojis (Japanese word) are very fun and illustrate very well the posts and comments on Facebook. With the symbols, you can easily express yourself and make yourself understood. Smilies are sure to attract attention! It is fun to use emojis in everyday life, but also for social media advertising campaigns.

Small reminder: an emoji is the pictorial representation of a face, a character, an animal, etc., animated or not. When it is not moving, it is an emoticon. The faces which express a feeling are the smileys.

Where can I find emoticons and how do I use them?

To use emoticons and symbols on your Facebook posts, the social network already offers a multitude of choices. Sometimes, seeing an interesting emoji in another person’s post, you wonder how to play it on your Microsoft or Apple computer keyboard.

If you can’t find it in Facebook, it may be in your Android or Apple phone. Alternatively, you can search the Internet for the emoticon or symbol and copy paste to Facebook.

Emojis on your phone

The most famous emoticons are the face of a smiling person with laughing eyes (the famous smiley), the angry face, the disappointed or sad face (frowney in English) and the smiley face with big black eyes. These faces are round like the moon, hairless, and yellow. An emoji is rarely white and is always in color.

An emoji is easy to create, as all you need to do is use very simple keyboard shortcuts grouped together in a Unicode character table.

  • Alt + 1 or 🙂 button for a smiley
  • Enter (y) for the thumbs-up emoji
  • Alt + 3 button for the heart emoji
  • Enter: X for angry face
  • Enter;) for the wink
  • Enter 🙁 for the sad emoji
  • Enter: – * (star) for a smiley kissing

When you write your post or message on Messenger chat, you must display the alphabetical pad. At the bottom you will find the emoticon symbol. By clicking on it, you will have a multitude of emojis and symbols appearing.

On a Microsoft (Windows) or Apple (Mac) computer, you must use keyboard shortcuts (with Alt or not) or pre-recorded emoticons on Facebook, in this case a flag or a hand sign. For Japanese emojis and symbols, a Japanese button corresponds to an icon or emoticon. However, you must have some knowledge in Japanese to use them.

Computer emojis

If you are using a computer to write your post, click Create a post and you will have a white space to enter your message. On the right, put your cursor over the emoji button and you will see “Insert emoji” appear in a black frame. Click on the button and browse the library of symbols and smileys.

You can choose between static emoticons or animated emojis as well as symbols of all kinds:

  • Face emoticons (face frowning, face with narrowed eyes, scared face, face of an exhausted person …)
  • Character emoticons with hair (character shrugging shoulders, character waving, hand sign representing the sign of the horns, Santa Claus, police officer, family with man, woman and children, man with Chinese cap …)
  • Animal emoticons (cat, dog, bear, koala …)
  • Emojis of things (star, star with branches, letterbox, flag, white circle, black circle …)
  • Special character emojis (black left arrow, right arrow, big right arrow, big left arrow, up arrow …)
  • Astrological sign emojis (Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces)

Emojis come in the form of yellow faces, yellow hands, colorful designs, buttons (blood group symbol A, blood group symbol B, blood group symbol O, astrological sign [symboles sagittaire, capricorne, verseau, scorpion, balance, scorpion, vierge, taureau, gémeaux, cancer, bélier], Japanese characters, 6-pointed star, signs and signs, etc.). The numbers in contained in a medium black white square.

For some symbols, it is also possible to use keyboard shortcuts using the Alt button:

  • Musical note emoticon: Alt + 14
  • Heart emoji: Alt + 3
  • Diamond emoji: Alt + 4
  • Black clover emoji: Alt + 5
  • Black spades emoji: Alt + 6
  • Male sign emoticon: Alt + 11
  • Female sign emoticon: Alt + 12
  • White sun emoticon: Alt + 15
  • Emoji Registered: Alt + 174

Some special characters and symbols are not emoticons and can be created from keyboard shortcuts: right arrow, left arrow, up curved arrow, 8-pointed star, black and white small square, black circle, white medium square, medium square black, white small medium square, black small medium square (in the bulleted list), etc.

Why use emoticons in your posts?

Using an emoticon and a symbol makes Facebook posts and posts much more interesting! In digital marketing, it is also very useful and effective in attracting attention and obtaining a positive response from the targeted person. General Motors demonstrated this during its Chevrolet campaign in 2015, becoming the first company to use Facebook symbols and smileys effectively in an advertising campaign.

To illustrate your publications

As short messages (chat messenger or post) are the most effective, it is essential to use an emoticon or a symbol to express an idea or a message. Moreover, symbols and images speak more than words. Emojis are more expressive! Click on the « Insert an emoji » button to find the one that suits you, yes write your text on the keyboard!

For example, by including the danger sign (danger sign), Internet users will immediately know that it is a warning. A weather forecast that announces bad weather should immediately display the snow emoji, for example.

If you offer a service in a seaside resort, the emojis of the sun and a glass of cocktail already announce the color. No matter what the activity, there will always be suitable smileys and symbols to illustrate your posts / messages and make them your services or products obvious.

The use of emojis reinforces the proximity with the audience. How about a GIF? It would be even better! Just click on the GIF button that appears when you press the « Insert emoji » button.

To catch the eye

Emoticons and symbols easily attract attention, much more than text (just a string of words). However, they must be combined so that the message is complete and clear. In the case of a person’s post, Facebook offers a button to let know the mood or activity of the person posting the post.

In the case of the publication of a company making an advertisement, it is best to insert a symbol or an icon / emoticon representing the proposed offer:

  • Restaurant
  • Police
  • Plumber
  • Flight attendant
  • Superhero
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Teacher
  • Rock singer
  • Astronaut

Then use your keyboard to enter a short, but powerful text, containing the essential idea of ​​the message!

For irony, sarcasm and connotations

To make the messages even more fun, some people use coding language, combining text and emojis. For example, during a performance or sports meet, the fire emoji is often used to say that the artist or athlete was on fire. The expression « on fire » meaning that he assured and that he had moved a lot!

To announce a sad or gloomy situation, the use of the emoticon of a gray or black cloud is quite suitable and clear. To express enthusiasm, you could write the text: “have the” using the keyboard, then add the emoji of a peach. A smiley with heart-shaped eyes announces a crush …

A flag emoji lets you know the country concerned or the nationality of the person concerned. Everything is good to amuse the reader, hold his attention and get the expected response from him. He must want to click on Like or some other reaction and type a comment using his keyboard.

What are the mistakes to avoid when using emoticons?

In the publication or the chat of a person, the use of emoticons is not limited, while for a marketing campaign, it should not be abused to keep the seriousness or the professionalism of the message. Depending on the length of the text, one or two or three emojis is sufficient.

You should know that some emojis and symbols have pejorative connotations depending on the context. If you don’t want to imply something sex-related, avoid using emoticons for certain fruits, including banana, peach, eggplant, cherry, etc.

If you are using a simple symbol or emoticon such as a smiley face, consider the recipient’s mobile device (in the case of a mobile advertising campaign). Indeed, the emoticon will appear in different ways depending on the brand of the cell phone of the targeted person (Apple iPhone, Samsung, HTC …), the system (Android, iOS / Mac) or the platform (Google, Facebook, Twitter …). In any case, always put yourself in the place of the target before choosing an emoji!

Here are all the Facebook symbols and smileys

There are a large amount of emojis to illustrate your blog posts. They are grouped below by family.

The most popular Facebook emojis

😁😂😉😊😍😘☺️🤔😏😒😌😔😭😩💕❤️👌👍🙏 ♥ ️⬅️♻️

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