How to delete your old Facebook posts in bulk

How to delete your old Facebook posts in bulk

If you look at Facebook’s Suggested Memories daily, you’ve probably come across some old posts that you aren’t very proud of today. To no longer want to hide each time one of your old statuses emerges, it is better to do a little cleaning.

Let’s be honest, ten years ago, social media users were much less careful about what they posted, and rarely worried about whether their posts were public, or visible only to a select circle of users.

Unfortunately, these old public statuses are still available on your profile. And they are very often the joy of recruiters who, after having received a candidate, can fall in a few clicks, on your photos of student parties, left in « public » mode, where you appear in underwear, a pint in your hand. , standing in line. You might as well say it right away, these personal memories probably won’t work in your favor.

But it’s never too late to wipe out the past and clean up your digital life. Facebook integrates a function, accessible from a computer as well as from a mobile, and which will allow you to quickly review all your digital past on the platform. This will allow you to mass delete all the content you are not proud of.

From a PC

1. Go to your profile

Log in to your Facebook account and go to your profile. At the top of the posts displayed on your wall, click the button Manage publications.

2. Filter the posts

Natively, Facebook offers you to manage all the publications displayed on your wall, which obviously includes yours, but also those of your friends.

If you only want to delete your own publications, filter the display by selecting those Published through You in the left column.

3. Select the posts to delete

Now scroll through all the posts on your wall, check all the ones you want to disappear. You can select up to a maximum of 50 publications at one time.

Then click on following, choose Delete publications.

Confirm your choice by clicking on okay and confirm the deletion by clicking on Delete publications.

From the mobile application

1. Go to your profile

Open Facebook on your smartphone, and go to your profile. Scroll through the information until you reach the section dedicated to Publications and press Manage publications.

2. Apply filters

All the posts on your wall are displayed. To see only your own posts, press the button Filters and, on the line published by, select You and press Finish.

3. Delete the posts

Scroll through your posts, select the ones you want to disappear and press following or on the trash can icon.

Then choose to Delete publications and confirm by pressing again Delete publications.

Facebook only allows the simultaneous deletion of 50 posts at a time, repeat the operation as many times as necessary to get rid of your old Facebook posts.

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