POF : 24/M/ Can’t seem to get any replies to my profile

POF : 24/M/ Can’t seem to get any replies to my profile

I started POF a couple of weeks ago and so far I’ve gotten a fair number of views when I message them, but no one ever replies. Can someone take a look at my profile and help me out?

By. omnikinesis

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  1. Bro, it comes in fits and starts. It’s literally like fishing but nowhere near as relaxing. Sometimes you put out a profile and let it sit, cast the line out a hundred times or so and get nothing. Delete profile, wait a couple months, come back and do it again. Yet this time, and you’ll recognize some faces, those girls that ignored you before suddenly message YOU first. It’s just that POF game.

  2. I don’t see anything on your profile that is horrible. Sometimes it’s just like that on there. You’ll go a month with no real contact and then suddenly you have a full inbox. A couple of weeks isn’t much of an indicator. Just keep at it.

  3. It’s boring. There’s nothing catchy or different about your profile. Your pictures are pretty generic. You should always have 1 of each of the following for pics: you (normal clothes), you (dressed up in a suit/tie) , you with friends OR you doing your favourite hobby.

    I can’t believe there are so many profiles on POF that have this little flair. I’m not saying that you have to LIE or CHEAT, I’m just saying take the time to write something that is interesting for goodness sake. If I was a potential mate, and you started with JOB SCHOOL WORK I’d run for the hills.

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