POF : 28 [M4F] Looking for good conversation

POF : 28 [M4F] Looking for good conversation

Posting this on behalf of my friend because he can’t be arsed. He’s a recently relocated tall dark Australian with eyes like a lily pond at midnight and a huge ………………. intellectual capacity seeking a girl who can appreciate a sense of humour and string a coherent sentence together. Looks are irrelevant because he’s legally blind 😉. Loves animals and children in a non pedo way. Has taken the paint off his van windows and promises never to frequent the playpark again. Gave Maddie back. Can pick up an iPad one handed and has difficulty finding gloves to fit. But not in a creepy OJ Simpson way. More of a little red riding hood ‘Oh my what big hands you have 😍’ way. Which leads effortlessly onto the fact that he will completely lose his mind and attempt to marry you within five minutes if you’re a redhead …… and have a basket of food. Gingers more than welcome, he’s an equal opportunity redhead lover. Can switch between being the best friend you’ll ever need to a dangerously alluring man whose face you will want to ride like a saddle 😉. It is a God given mystery as to why this glorious specimen of manhood remains single and an injustice that I am determined to see rectified. Ladies I hear you asking ‘if he’s so good why not keep him for yourself?’. Well I would. But I’m shallow and a lesbian and his boobs just aren’t big enough for me 😉. Pm me for his details

By. [deleted]

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