POF : A few questions about POF

POF : A few questions about POF

1. What’s with all of the bots? I feel like I’m having to report 12ish bots a day.

2. Does the popularity meter even work, mines always full but I don’t feel popular.

3. Why are most of the women on here so bland? The few(3/10 on looks) that messaged me first always use the same boring line. « Hey There 🙂 » Are these another form of bot that are more believable, or actual people. The rest that I’ve gotten a reply from seem fairly dull on the conversation side, so I find myself not wanting to talk to them.

By. BobADemon

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  1. Yes, a lot of fake profiles are made change your search settings to 200 miles and newest profile. Look for single pictures, really gorgeous, they’ll have numbers in their name, want to get married and very generic living life and wanting to care for their man with terrible grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    Don’t pay attention to that, when you message with one person you’ll get put up in the activity, this is why your main picture needs to be the best looking and eye-catching. Mine is dressed in a starch shirt from my waist up and I get a lot of compliments from ladies that tell me it’s what got their attention.

    POF seems to be the run-down trailer park of dating sites, I’ve come across a few professional but very very rare since I’ve been active for 3 months. I go to it once a week and I’ve seen the same profiles that I saw 5 years ago when I was single.

    Yes, all a woman has to do is a message to you hey, hello or something simple where we men have to work up something, you’ve got to get over that, it’s the rules it’s been that way for centuries.

    You’re going to have a failure, learn, adapt and move on, don’t get fixated. Never know she looks cute, right body for you, but can be a mental-emotional roller coaster with a terrible voice. This is why you need to get to know them in a timely manner, don’t text for weeks or months.

  2. I think, but am not certain that « Hey There 🙂 » is the result of a flirt button ladies have which men do not. My area has active POF users, many areas do not.

  3. 1. I personally have never seen a bot on the site. I live in South Florida, if it makes a difference
    2. My popularity is always in the red (near empty), although sometimes it goes up a smidge. I feel popular whenever someone looks at my profile, which is around once or twice a day
    3. Only had a girl message me first once, and yes, it was pretty much a « hey there ». Honestly though, I get annoyed when girls message me first, cause it’s usually girls I am not interested at all, and even if you try to engage them by being friendly, they never have anything interesting to say.

  4. Bots are becoming a huge issue. They always seem to be the most prevalent early in the morning or late at night. As mentioned before me, they are painfully easy to spot. The pics look to come from pron shoots and they usually have a lot of numbers in their name. And their profile is always nonsense. I used to report them when there was just a couple but I don’t have the energy any longer.

    ‘Hey there :)’ is a flirt button women have. They click that and that is what we receive. Many don’t even know they are actually sending a message when using that button.

  5. > 3

    It’s a way for them to get more dudes to their site. It’s a pretty old trick that almost all the dating sites are guilty of. Keep in mind that some people are horrible email conversationalists. I usually give them a while and then ask if there is anything they want to know about me. If they don’t seem to interested then I wish them luck and go about my day.

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