POF : A “good guy” throwing a hissy fit

POF : A “good guy” throwing a hissy fit

This is the type of crap girls put up with. Context, this guy messaged me on Tinder and I don’t remember him but he remembered me apparently. I read his profile and he has listed “all I do is work, go to concerts, and go to car shows.” I’m not into music and I hate car shows. I have very active stuff like biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, camping, etc on my profile.

I tell him I am not interested after a few messages since I really am looking for someone to share my hobbies of kayaking with and it is niche although we are near water. I prefer paddle boarding but I’ll settle for kayaking.

He throws a hissy fit. Says I messaged him on Tinder and POF. I never message first and the meet me/swipe feature I just look for a face and a city near me. I tell him the “all I do” part was a turn off and I’m looking for someone with similar interests. He claims he has other interests and we share some (never saying what and I hate people counting interests they don’t actively do).

So anyway, he throws this ball in and then proceeds to block me like some sort of wimp. “Yeah you seem kind of like a kind of a dumb chick anyway thank God I didn’t waste much time talking to you you’ll fit in good around here the funny thing is I don’t even really talk any smack like this on this site or in general”

Apparently he doesn’t handle rejection very well…

I know the nursing home he works for apparently doesn’t take care of their patients well. A friend’s dad is sicker living there.

So guys, don’t throw hissy fits. It is very tempting to either just block or don’t respond to anyone I’m not interested in now. The last thing I want to do is run into this weirdo at the beach or grocery shopping since there aren’t as many options in a small town. Who knows what the weirdo will do around town.

By. K1gC

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  1. I legit got that this week and the week before last from 2 different guys. Not all guys are like that but lately that is all I seem to get. Last week I had a guy tell me I had mental issues because when he said lets meet up and hang out, he meant go back to his place and have sex and that is not what I was looking for at all. I turned it down and he flipped out.

    Yesterday I had a guy who messaged me and we were talking. He asked me a question and I was busy at the moment and could not respond right away and he got pissed and assumed I wasn’t interested and said he was all set. I noped the heck of out that.

    On a side note I don’t respond if I am not interested. I used to be nice about it but then I got nasty responses so I just don’t respond

  2. No offense, but you are the type I avoid like the plague on POF. Your profile is always so easy to spot but you probably don’t realize that so only the most desperate and biggest liars message you.

  3. Damn.

    Im a guy that gets quite a few messages on POF. I face the same thing with women, probably because they are shocked when a man actually doesn’t message them back (especially the hotter ones, they don’t handle rejection too awful well).

    I get the messages more along the lines of « I saw you online earlier, are we going to talk or what? ». Your typical passive aggressive stuff.

    Most of the time it’s due to me reading the profile and the whole bio is « Ask me ». Either that or Snapchat filters or deceptive angles in every.single.picture!

    At 30, it’s a turn off for me to see dating profile pics with Snapchat filters. Honestly, it makes me wonder how much their other photos are edited.

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