POF : A little rant (kinda)

POF : A little rant (kinda)

I was just on POF and was presented with the profile of a woman a fair bit younger than myself (I am old AF), I had two thoughts when I saw her profile « yeah, not a hope in hell she’d want an old guy like me » and « what a gorgeous woman with (apparently) a very good attitude and view on life ». Of course I could have just left it at that and moved on, but I was so impressed with her that I felt it would be nice to complement her on her profile (of course I would preface that with « You are probably not interested in me because of my age etc » but I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your profile, and perhaps a little bit jealous of guys your age.

Of course, as soon as I clicked on the message button I got a popup that said #user does not want to communicate with you. Please try someone else. Ok, I get it, people have the right to set the preferences where they are comfortable. But it seems so « cancel culture » that we would be blocked from paying someone a complement, I do know that there are people who would abuse that privilege, but must we all be tarred with the same brush? I know from my experience (admittedly limited) that it feels good to get a complement, and I also know that most people agonize over writing their « about me » section. So, when I see one that impresses me I like to encourage those people.

Ok, rant over.

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  1. Have you tried writing a nice message to women your age?? Young women have old guys messaging them all the time…I think you may have messaged in hopes of having her reply you can continue to correspond with her….be honest….

  2. While I understand you have good intentions, you need to remember the whole point of POF is to find someone to date. It isn’t designed to help people make friends. If she has taken the time to write a nice bio, she likely knows she is a decent and interesting human being already and doesn’t need to be told. You’d be spending your time more wisely and doing a greater service by messaging people with blank/uninteresting bios to tell them to lift their game if they want people to contact them.

  3. Oh my, hall monitor mentality is rampant here. I regret to inform you that being of free will and clear mind, I do what I chose regardless of your opinion.

  4. Um… how is it your right to be upset because she has preferences? Do you have any idea how many messages women get on POF? And responding nicely with a no thank you usually results in some sort of smart ass negative comment from the man. Nothing wrong with the woman having boundaries. Perhaps you should set some of your own and learn to respect other’s boundaries! Instead of being butt hurt and complaining on reddit!

  5. She was only 9 years younger. It’s a « non issue » because I had no intention of striking up a conversation, just wanted to say how impressed I was.

  6. Typical self entitled POF skank. May have looked good with her fake filtered pictures. In reality, she’s just an alcoholic, 5 bastard kid having, white trash slut.

  7. Perhaps, you are right (or at least presenting a different viewpoint), maybe my rant isn’t as much about POF as it is about the general societal trend toward being much more insular and isolated. I see this as a sad thing because I feel that I can learn from all people therefore all people have relevance for me, so to eliminate the opportunity to say to someone I admire « hey, good job. » Or, « I am impressed with you » is like denying me water.

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