POF : A POF Experiment

POF : A POF Experiment

We (male and female) tested the response rate of women to male profiles on POF.
The question being explored was how often women will prioritize « good looks » over « quality ».
The conditions:

Three (3) profiles, all with identical information, the only variant being time (set up respectively each week) and the images.

1) No images
2) Images of a less than « good looking » man
3) Images of a more than « good looking » man

The first 2 profiles were up for 1 week, the last 1 for only 3 days, though we planned for 1 week. It was ended early due to an unexpectedly large response rate and a methodological breakdown.


1) 8 visits, 0 women initiated contact
2) 41 visits, 0 women initiated contact
3) 127 visits, 27 women initiated contact
NOTES on 3)
– 3 days, not 7. Extrapolated, that would be 296 visits and 63 women initiating contact over 1 week.
– Of the 27 respondents, 4 questioned the profile pictures. Only 1 continued questioning after 1 reply.


1) Women do not respond to a minimal profile with no picture.
2) Women do not respond to a minimal profile of a less than « good looking » man.
3) Women overwhelmingly respond to a minimal profile of a more than « good looking » man.

Based on the above, the inescapable conclusion is that male appearance is by far the primary indicator of the likelihood a female will express interest. Profile content appears to be a distant second.

With such an overwhelming response to the physically attractive profile, we decided to test our hypothesis further. We initiated contact with 10 additional women of varying degrees of physical attractiveness with very brief messages- all but 1 (no response) responded positively. For those who reached out with an original query, we tried probing the respondent’s weighting of looks vs. qualities. With only 2 exceptions, none elaborated beyond a brief, unoriginable and usually generic response (i.e. « a loyal, honest man »).

Our Final Thoughts-

Apperance supersedes all in the online dating world !!!

If you are a woman (any woman of any appearance) be prepared to compete with dozens, if not hundreds, of equally (or more) appealing women for the attention of a single attractive man. Ditto men. If you choose to shop in aisles 8, 9 or 10 and your budget indicates you should shop in aisles 5, 6 or 7… well, you have been warned. DO NOT expect fidelity (« loyal, honest ») from the 8, 9 or 10- you are shopping beyond your means and he has abundant options. Losing you will not be « his loss », despite what you think. If you won’t consider a 5, 6 or 7 and other qualities, be prepared for continual disappointment.

If you want ANY chance at online dating, at a minimum you had better be at least a 6 or 7, with your best pictures published, and a standout profile. Even then, you can expect very little interest. Now, if you are an 8, 9 or 10- the world is your oyster ! Go ahead and take your pick.. as many times as you like. You need not even bother with a profile, not necessary. And sadly, if you are a 5 or less, skip online dating altogether and use your personal appeal (or the best you have) in the real world. Better odds.

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  1. The most infuriating thing is that most women just upload a few pics and don’t write a profile. They expect the men to do all od the work.

    I think it’s a form of self validation, as in ‘how good am I if I’m getting all of this attention from my pics’. Very few are able to hold a conversation and just ghost you.

    0/10 would not recommend.

  2. Ugh. Like it isn’t just the same for men. I’m sure men don’t care what the women they’re PMing look like.

    Furthermore, why the fuck would anyone want to date someone they’re not attracted to?

  3. This started when multiple women stated that men only cared about looks, whilst women cared more about a man’s qualities. One female friend of mine (the man) was adamant on this point, so we tested the idea.

    The results appear to indicate that men and women are no different in their dating preferences- looks matter most.

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