POF : A story from my POF days

POF : A story from my POF days

Many years ago before Tinder existed I met a girl off POF.

We texted for a few days and talked on the phone. She had some odd stories about her background but who doesn’t?

Anyway, she agreed to let me take her to lunch. While we are at the restaurant she says « I love going on dates because even if I don’t like the guy I get free food. »

I thought that was incredibly rude to say even though I am a traditional man and I don’t mind paying for the dates.

Well, she invites me back to her house (she still lived at home) and I met her dad. Her dad was rude. Wouldn’t even look at me or shake my hand. Just sat at his desk looking at his computer and said « Hi »

Looking back now maybe her dad was just sick of her bringing random guys home. I don’t really blame him. It was just really awkward.

Anyway, we go to the living room to watch TV. Her dad ends up leaving for some reason I don’t remember. She starts kissing me and her breath is nasty because apparently she smokes cigarettes. All we did was kiss and that’s perfectly fine because her breath smelled and tasted like an ashtray.

I had to leave shortly after that because I was a musician with a gig that night. Well, I ended up getting Bronchitis! (ain’t nobody got time for that.)

She then ghosted me and I never heard from her again after that date.

I guess in the end the food she got wasn’t completely free. She paid me with Bronchitis.

By. jerrycantrellnchains

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  1. Not all girls are like that though. When I go on a date with a guy if I am not interested I will always offer to pay for it as I just feel bad that he took his time getting ready and getting out here to meet me and its the least I can do.


    I also always offer to pay half on a date especially on one’s where I am having a really good time.


    For me though on POF I had to at least establish some sort of a good online connection in order to agree to a date or ask the guy if he would like to meet up. If we met up I always suggested cheap places nothing expensive. I don’t feel comfortable having a first date somewhere expensive because you do not know how it is going to go. I had a guy insist we go somewhere expensive and I agreed to meet up and it was awkward and we didn’t talk at all. He kept saying he liked my chew it was cute and that was creepy. I tried to help pay but he insisted we pay, then a few days later got upset when I said I was not interested in a second date. That really bothered me because I told him many times I am not comfortable with expensive. First dates are for bowling, or cheap beer and apps not expenisve places to eat

  2. My goal on PoF was never swipe my own debit card, till I met a sweetheart who never let me swipe my debit card. I was willing to put something into the financial end of our dating because of his kind heart and soul. He’d never allow it though. There’s a difference between being used and being mutual so to speak.

  3. Back in 2010, when I felt POF could solve my girl troubles. However, this was just an illusion. I met a nerd chick who worked at Value Village and we arranged to meet in front of Sugar Mountain in the Byward Market to set the most ideal date. However, when I texted her telling her I was here, no response. I ended up waiting around for an extra 45 minutes until I said fuck it. I told her I was leaving. I cleared my head and ended up seeing a movie by myself. She texted me the following morning saying she had to go to the hospital. I smelled bullshit and didn’t call her out on it because she could’ve been telling the truth.

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