POF : Account hacked

POF : Account hacked

Got an email from POF telling me an account I had completely forgotten about (haven’t used in probably 10 years) had the password and email addy changed.

Obviously it’s been hacked.

The email said to reply to inform them if I wasn’t the one that changed the details. I replied 2 days ago letting them know the account had been hacked and received a form response telling me they are experiencing a high number of emails and to be patient…have still not heard back from anyone.

Anyone aware of any other way of contacting them to get them to delete the account?

By. swansong19

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  1. Besides email there is physical mail, calling, and flaming arrow through office window. Flaming arrows are given priority for obvious reasons.

  2. I’ve never had an account before. 2 days ago get an email saying my account was setup and ready to go. Now I’m being bombarded with messages from women (yeah right). The problem is I already have two factor authentication on my email account. So, how could someone do this? How do I remove the account? I have no idea what they may be saying or posting using my information.

  3. Just received another form email suggesting that if I think my account has been compromised I should change the password…they suggest this even tho the fn email addy associated with the account was changed as well….which they obviously are aware of since they sent me an email telling me it had been changed. Smfh.

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