POF : All bots and scams

POF : All bots and scams

Has anyone actually talked to another person on this app? It seems like every profile is either a bot, or someone trying to scam/blackmail you.

By. Beefythrowaway17653

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  1. If you are a guy on POF then it will be a lot worse for you because you get a lot of bots. I actually had decent luck on pOF and met some great guys but that was when it was good now it sucks

  2. I’ve talked with a few girls. The site is just littered with bots though it’s crazy. I’ve only ever gone on one successful date with a girl before though. My experience dealing with the bots is to look at the pictures and profiles.

    * If the pictures look really really good like photoshop it’s probably a bot.
    * If there is only 2-3 pictures and it looks like a model it’s probably a bot.
    * If their bio is nothing but dots or say « text me » or « snap me » or anything about just wanting sex it’s a bot.
    * Their usernames are [RANDOM NAME HERE]_[RANDOM NUMBERS HERE] Ex. Sarah_0217

    I’ve been on POF for over a year I think? Never buy their premium I made that mistake. It’s worthless. You can just see all the bots that matched with you then ):

  3. Oh, much more than just talk. I’m a 58 year old guy and ever six months or so this app delivers some solid gold. And usually a pleasant first date about once a month.

    But if you are talking about those extra good looking women with numeric digits in their names that want to meet you? DON’T! They are trying to get credit card #s. POF usually has them deleted within fifteen minutes, though.

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