POF : Another POF pet peeve: Location, Location, Location!

POF : Another POF pet peeve: Location, Location, Location!

Gawd, I HATE it when women use their state as their location. Really? WHY? For security? C’mon! Really?!?!?

Or, when they live near a large metropolitan area, and use the big city as their location. So many times I’ve wasted messages on them, only to find they’re 45 minutes on the WEST side, when I’m 30 minutes on the EAST side.

Sorry for the rant. Just drives me nuts.

By. TitleJones

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  1. LOL live in rural area, 30 minutes, that’s like going to the local grocery store. You have to do a 50 mile radius search, if not you’re looking at the same 15 people that have been there the last 2 years.

    Never know, it might be worth the drive unless you’re base it solely on looks and there is nothing like seeing a hot looking woman draining your bank or you and playing you the whole time.

    If distance is your game changer limit your search, mention it in messages, if you make it that far. Just as fast conversations start on POF, they’ll end just as fast.

  2. Same in this country, you live in the u.k, u.k, that can be anywhere from lands end to wales.

    Oh you live in Lancashire?, can you narrow it down to within a hundred miles of me?, that would be a start.

    Its kind of a shit thing to do and you should assume that these people are dumb or they don’t care about meeting, either way, not worth contacting.

  3. I live in Richmond VA, it’s annoying because on the « meet me » section features women from D.C, Maryland, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

    It’s rare that I can find someone that is within 200 miles that peak my interest. I have my filters set to 50 miles because I like in such a populated area already, getting women from different states is a pain in the ass.

  4. I can’t stand it either. I’ve even gone so far to put a disclaimer on my profile that those who live nearby (within a 5 mile radius) get priority. I live in the Phoenix area, and for those who’ve never been here it can take close to two hours to drive from one end of town to the other without traffic. There’s been too many times I’ve gone out of my way to go on dates close to where the women say they live. I’ve even gone on one date where the woman claimed to live nearby this bar I met her at, only to be told she uses her sisters location on POF and actually lived a good 20 miles from where we met.

    In short, create a home field advantage in dating by where they come to you and it will save you a ton of time and aggravation.

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