POF : Any luck?

POF : Any luck?

Is anyone having any luck with PoF? Lets hear your stories of failure/success!

By. jsm1289

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  1. I’ve had more luck with PoF than OKC. I don’t do much on either site anymore though.

    Edit: Success story – I’m currently dating a girl that I met on PoF.

  2. I’ll get responses to about 10% of the messages I send. However, I met a good-looking girl from Spain and we’ve met up quite a few times. She’s going back to Spain soon and gave me an open invitation to visit and see the Pyrenees or the Mediterranean, and she can hold a conversation better then many girls I’ve met in the States. So that’s worked out well. I only just signed up for okc , so I can’t really compare.

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