POF : Anybody else find the “Nearby” feature to be worthless?

POF : Anybody else find the “Nearby” feature to be worthless?

I’m using the POF app on an iPhone. More often than not, when I go into the “Nearby” page, I find women 20 miles away starting on the second or third row. Really POF? THAT’S nearby?!?!? I’m in a large suburb of a large metropolitan area. There aren’t more women within 0-15 miles of me?!?!?

By the time I get to the 4th or 5th row, they’re 30-40 miles away.

Very disappointing and almost completely useless.

By. BrainbellJangler

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  1. Ha, living in rural areas that’s the distance to just to get groceries. Keep it under 35 for city.

    Plus, just because they live down the block doesn’t mean you’re going to connect, and apparently them living close isn’t working, POF is telling you something.

    I’d rather drive 30 miles to be with someone that’s fun and we get along with than someone that’s 3 miles and I’m trying to keep entertained, but all I get is one word replies.

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