POF : Anyone else have problems sending/receiving messages, or do I just have the worst luck/game?

POF : Anyone else have problems sending/receiving messages, or do I just have the worst luck/game?

I used to have an OKCupid account but deleted it because I was getting distracted by it… on a side note, I had pretty much a 50% response rate when messaging a girl on OKCupid, but it’s more of a 5% rate on POF… anyway, I decided to try online dating again so I made a POF account, and have had about 5 girls respond to me. But literally EVERY time I have replied to their reply, that’s the end of the conversation. Over the past few days, I’ve had 5 messages saying « XXX wants to meet you! » and I messaged two of them who replied, but then sure enough, once I reply to their response, I no longer get a reply. I’m just wondering if this is either because I’m just horrible at picking up women, POF has some kind of system error or something, or there’s something else that could be happening like maybe I didn’t answer a certain profile question or they limit the number of messages that can be sent or something… if anyone could help enlighten me, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

By. plentyofwish

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  1. Girl A goes to the meet me section, she chooses yes to a bunch of men. A bunch of men then reply. She responds to early messages and then abandons them if someone who she likes better responds.

  2. Here’s a female perspective:

    I also have accounts on both OKC and POF. I am finding that the **quantity** of men on POF is much higher, but the quality on average is about the same. What this means for me is that I am getting massively more messages on POF, but I have to really search through them to find any that are worthwhile.

    Girls are fucking overwhelmed on POF way more than on OKC, at least from my own experience. I got over 100 messages in the first 24 hours after making a profile, and I didn’t even put a picture up!

  3. I have much better luck getting women to talk to me on PoF but I’ve gotten more dates from the few who do talk to me on OKC. I don’t know why that is. Maybe the people on OKC are more serious about this dating thing.

  4. I have to agree. I get a lot more responses to messages on OKC compared to POF (like nothing).

    The problem I find with OKC is that it knows no boundaries, you cant limit your search to a specific state/province. It goes by a radius. I live in a border city, my search / quiver is always filled with great people from the other side of the border. Its a little inconvenient.

    But at least they respond… lol 🙂

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