POF : Are my messages not getting to people or am I just getting unlucky?

POF : Are my messages not getting to people or am I just getting unlucky?

Hi, first time posting here. So I’ve been single for quite some time now so I decided to try out POF since it apparently has free messaging. So far, I’ve messaged 2 girls. First girl never responded so I just assumed she wasn’t interested. Now I could have sworn the second girl was going to reply but she never did either. So I’m just wondering, does POF’s free messaging actually work? Are my messages getting to people or not? Or like I said, am I just getting unlucky or what? I couldn’t really find a clear answer to this. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

By. TakashiAzeileaf98

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  1. Things dating sites should tell men before they start, most of your messages will go ignored. Maybe they aren’t on the site, maybe they aren’t interested. Every woman receives a flood of messages and likes. Too many to respond to. It’s the same on almost every site.
    Either you can accept this or you should stop online dating.

  2. I mean, if they’re the first messages you’ve sent to them you can kind of tell the situation through “viewed me” if they pop up and no reply then that’s that. If they haven’t viewed your profile maybe they haven’t seen the message? Plus you’ve only messaged two people. That’s not a lot. I can’t even imagine all the messages that some people get. A lot to go through

  3. Your messages are being recieved but here’s some things you need to keep in mind:

    – there are a lot of fake profiles/ bots

    – there are a lot of dead profiles, people who arnt on the site anymore but didn’t delete their profile

    – some people only log in every few weeks

    – she’s not interested

    – you look like a bot/ scam (low effort profile, low effort message )

    – she has too many messages to look at every profile and respond (likely if she’s new or really attractive)

    If you want results, log in 3 times a week, find 10 women you are interested in, and from their profile content you believe they will be interested in you and send them a 1-2 sentence message. Don’t be on it for hours every day, you will become bitter and no one want’s to date that.

  4. I think it’s extremely rude and in poor taste, but the norm on dating sites is No Response = Not Interested.

    I mean, how hard is it to type:

    “Thanks for the message, but I don’t think we’d be a good match. Good luck to you on here!”

    They need to make that a default response option, IMO.

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