POF : Are they ALL like this?!

POF : Are they ALL like this?!

Are they ALL like this?!

By. LabThug

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  1. I have found some good people on PoF but they are insanely full of soammers and I have to think mostly internal to drive traffic. Because, I’m certain that the moment I log in after a month hiatus 2 people instantly want to meet me but then suddenly delete their profiles after an hour. Why are they always nearly nude or fully nude models as well?

  2. Hmm… I think so. Not to sound jaded, but they don’t usually come on so eager and positive in my experience on Pof.
    So many women nowadays consider themselves angels and men are all perverts. But I know better. We both are! Lol

  3. Right before I got rid of POF I encountered a guy bot that said something so similar. The end of your convo was what they said to me and I knew they were fake. I called them out on it and they stopped responding

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