POF : At least they could put a better effort into scamming

POF : At least they could put a better effort into scamming

At least they could put a better effort into scamming

By. lcc101

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  1. Hey there is the flirt option that women have. It is just a button you click. Do the bots use it? Yes. They use the meet me more though. Real women who are too chicken to send a message use the flirt button too. I think it is weak but there are loads of people who are clueless how to write a quick first message.

  2. I either get THIS or someone saying something like « Hey dear…How are you doing? », which usually gets followed by a message of a fake number to text. I swear, EVERY message I’ve gotten this entire month has been either the « Hey there 🙂 » or « Hey dear… » message.

  3. You don’t really want them to « put better effort into » it. At least now they are easily spotted; and, i get it , really.

    I get how these bots or sock accounts or whatever/whoever they are can be so hurtful because of how obvious they are.

    Its a multi layered insult:

    – the first blade is the insult to intelligence. We think these accounts that ALWAYS: use sexualized stock photos of models in their early twenties, have numbers in the user name, and (again: ALWAYS) message « hey there 🙂 » will fool you because you are this stupid.

    – the second blade harms the ego. So you figured out its a scam account, of course you did, because: IRL THIS woman would NEVER lower herself to message YOU, because: you are not obviously not good enough.

    – the third blade is a conflation of the first two. We believe that you are so ugly desperate and lonely that you have a good chance of falling for this shit because, blind hope bred by pure desperation will defeat your reason. In other words: you WILL fall for this BECAUSE you are such a lonely creep.

    – the fourth was supposed to be a soothing aloe strip, but, the aloe dried up, so all that is left is a cold piece of scratchy plastic rubbing into the cuts.

    All that being said: its fairly obvious its spamming, and, its actual effect amounts to little more than the equivalent of an intrusive advert.

    POF needs to handle this though. Even though the effect is relatively minor depending on perspective, they are not doing themselves any favors by way of allowing something that makes people feel worse about being a single on POF.

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