POF : At least twice a week I get this…

POF : At least twice a week I get this…

At least twice a week I get this…

By. Paddy92od

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  1. I got my first ever bot the other day. The guy’s pictures were so legit too, I mean you would have never known it was a bot if you just looked at his two photos. His sentences however were not readable. I asked what he liked about my profile and immediately he wanted me to KIK. I was like I don’t have it, and he goes well then you can download it. I was like no sorry I do not want KIK. Finally he says just get KIK DEAR. I said no I will not get KIK dear

  2. Wait a sec. I sometimes see a real account in my city with that image. The account in question I am sure is not fake, but this obvious fake has the same pic. I should link her this.

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