POF : At this point idk why I’m on this app 🤣

POF : At this point idk why I’m on this app 🤣

At this point idk why I’m on this app 🤣

By. midnightc0bra

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  1. She was responding in kind. This 鈥渏oker鈥 was already wasting her time aka being rude by reaching out with a bogus picture.

    No legit person has fake or no pictures up on a dating profile. Your looks are a vital part of a first impression. Don鈥檛 act like it鈥檚 not. There is no good reason these days to not have real pics up. Plain and simple.

  2. Because you clearly have way too much time on your hands. You wasted your time replying to him and now you’ve wasted my time by posting this nonsense.

  3. So he was being polite and nice and you immediately came off as a bitch to him. And even after you insulted him he was still nice. Was you really expecting people to take your side on this? You handled this poorly and your emoji laughing makes you come off as very immature. Maybe thats why you鈥檙e still on the app? Cause you act like a snotty kid?

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