POF : Awesome, sexy chick on POF and start getting a sense of « too good to be true. » Please help me make the call!

POF : Awesome, sexy chick on POF and start getting a sense of « too good to be true. » Please help me make the call!

What’s the worst possible thing a fake profiler could do with my phone number. If its just telemarketer type shit, I’ll take the risk lol



-I’m highly attracted to her when I first see profile pics. All of them look like a legit real person though. 5 and one she sent me.

*I went ahead and told her I was afraid she was too good to be true. Asked her for a pic of her touching nose, with eyes closed. About 30 minutes later I get a pic of her touching her nose but, eyes open. She had a cute, sassy reason. I say o’k shes just rebellious.

-She’s 22. I’m 31…. I brought this up at one point. Says she was with a 41 yr old once.

-Great personality when we start messaging. She’s flirtatious, but not slutty. Witty. Not at all what I expected when I saw her pics. Oh,and looking back, she also had a way of complimenting me and boosting my ego I liked lol

-Shes about 90 minutes away but, acts like she might make the drive (just for meetup) if everything goes well


I may just be overhyping her in my mind. Just in the time it took to write this I’m less excited about her than I was. That’s probably a good sign lol

By. My_Usernames_Better

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  1. If you’re looking for something wrong, you’ll find it. Same goes for something right. My trick question is asking them about the restaurants in the general area and the weather. Don’t say it’s cold or whatever, just say « what is the weather like, I haven’t been outside today. »

    My suggestion is to wait it out. I’ve been approached by several scams, who almost always reveal themselves in stupid ways. I work in fraud department with a major cell phone manufacturer, our victims are created by the customer just giving away their information for free, so be careful. When being asked questions by this girl, think about if that’s a question that would be used as a password security question.

    Or maybe, she’s is who she says she is. Just because she’s hot and witty, doesn’t make her fake.

  2. Get a Google number. Their free and easy to set up. Goes right to your phone. NEVER use your real number boys. Jesus H Christ what are you thinking?

  3. Honestly, sounds like what I get told a lot, people bail on me. I dated a guy for two months and he bailed on me and then messaged and said it just seemed like something was up he didn’t trust it. I am a sweet caring person who is level headed and I don’t fight, I’m more of a talk things out but I talk about everything because I have bad anxiety and that’s how I deal, that and sacrasum

    It’s not always a scam but it always can be, you’ll never know unless you try. If it’s seems like she’s flaky I wouldn’t trust her, if she really tries it’s probably real

  4. They can use your phone number along with other personal demographic info revealed on a dating site to commit a LOT of hardcore fraud.

  5. I think you’ve done enough checking at this point, just take the plunge. You got on the site to meet the right one but the right one comes along you’re gonna pass?
    I can’t see what harm there is in a phone number, maybe it’s some sort of long con but all I’ve seen as « evidence » is that she’s too pretty.

  6. Go with your gut feeling, it’s usually right.

    You might not think there is much into giving out your cell phone number, for the most part there isn’t. Just give it time you’ll see if the person is legit, if they’re scamming you they’ll move quick to money being involved.

    Use kik or Facebook messenger so you don’t have to give out numbers, until you meet face to face and you’re past 4 months at least, you’re both on probation and it can end quickly.

  7. Yea, so I went ahead and got her number. Area code checked out so I texted her. Conversation faded pretty quickly though. I think a lot of this was probably because my focus shifted from her to finding out if she’s real lol. Haven’t texted her or anything today but, that’s mostly due other things affecting my mental state.

    I’m concluding that she’s plenty real but not expecting a whole lot to happen

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