POF : Back on POF after a long break, what is with all this  » Catfish  » paranoia? story no 1 ( only ractivated profile 3 weeks ago)

POF : Back on POF after a long break, what is with all this  » Catfish  » paranoia? story no 1 ( only ractivated profile 3 weeks ago)

This guy whose prfile seemed like an ideal fit, messaged me as I put him on Favourites and I could tell he read my profile. He lived in my area 10-15 walk. He then asked  » why do you have only 4 pics. I replied because I think that is enough to go on. You have one « make up free pic with hair in a bun low effort style » one pic where I am fully made up nicely with blow dried hair, one of how I normally present myself. The other a sporty one. ( I compete)

Next Q – when were pics taken ? I said one last year the others in the last few weeks.

Next Q – Take a pic of you right now . I said OK, but only if you do one first I have only seen ONE oic of you and like I said I am off with a cold so excuse the red nose.

I waited and no pics came through. He claimed he could not take one at work, I said I am off work today and wont be going out this eve so just send a quick one when you can.

Next Q – but why can’t you just send a quick one now. – I said all this talk of pics has made me very curious and you only have ONE , Forget about pics NOW just ANY pic, for someone that lists photography has a hobby then I would have thought you would have some extra pics of yourself. The pic on your profile is off a selfie. Why no group pics for example? or pics people have taken of you even if it is with someone. This pic talk is taking up far too much of my time.

Next Q – well I have been catfished before and drove ages to meet her and spent so much of my time, so it has made me cautious. – This kinda angered me, but I played it cool. So I sent a pic red nose, no make up, etc, holding up a sign saying « hi hisname pic as required. with the date. by then I was kinda done with him.

HIM – ok, you look great! wanna meet. it transpired his profile FAKE. and pic was OLD.

I now only post ONE pic as they ask for more and more anyway. FACETIME is a thing.

But I get accused so often. how do others deal with this?

By. DancingYellowDog

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