POF : Banned

POF : Banned

I seem to have been banned from pof. I have tried creating new accounts twice and when I try to send messages I check back and no message was sent and my account is deleted after a few hours.

By. Citko76

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  1. You need to change your i.p address and use a new email address, a throwaway one is easiest.

    Pof blacklists i.p’s when banning, it’s an easy fix and at most a temporary annoyance, next time backup the text on your profile so you can make a new one in minutes, and avoid messaging previously contacted women, one of them might have blocked you and will most likely complain to the site help about you, I actually asked a person who blocked me why, all I got was a threat to call the cops for harassment, it’s best to avoid previously contacted women, you don’t know who is crazy and who isn’t.

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