POF : Best deterrent

POF : Best deterrent

Signed up to pof for no less than an hour, and everything was going well, until I got a couple of messages from a creepy dude. Now, I wanted to take time to reply so I wasn’t being rude, and I never got to respond, because I think this guy just got my account deleted. I can’t think of another reason because I didn’t get to do anything. Still not resorting to Tinder tho.

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  1. POF may have software issues. I’m not sure one user can that easily get your account deleted. I’ve had trouble with it and simply created a new account without problem.

  2. The only why you would have your account deleted on POF is if you have been blocked by 10 or more people. You have been reported multiple times, or they thought you had multiple accounts. Not saying you had multiple accounts but sometimes if they see more than one account on the same IP they will delete them.

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