POF : Biggest dating challenges

POF : Biggest dating challenges

Hey everyone!

What are your current biggest dating frustrations?

Let’s share and help each other out!

By. Bizzell1987

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  1. For me it’s finding women who are as committed to making a go of dating as I am. Like most people I’m tired of flakiness, indecision, « just being nice ». There have to be women who are as sick of it all as I am and who want to stop messing about and get on with dating rather than eeking out half-baked conversations or semi-bored timewaster swiping.

  2. The fact that I would happily date 90% of the women in my local area search, and that 99% of them will block me if I so much as say hello, all these pretty, friendly faces and they are in truth about as friendly as a bag of monkeys.

  3. Finding someone to actually message back has been frustrating. I get left on read all the time. I’ve been trying to incorporate things from the profile instead of saying “hey there” but no luck so far.

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