POF : Blocked By Someone I’ve Never Had Contact With

POF : Blocked By Someone I’ve Never Had Contact With

Anyone ever have someone block you yet you’ve never had any contact with them? I’m not in the habit of sending inappropriate messages, yet when I attempted to message someone who seemed to share a ton of common interests I was blocked. That’s just weird.

By. GorviVelgin

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  1. Hasn’t happened without contact, but it has happened to me on a few occasions as after a short, polite opening message. Nothing obscene or sexual in nature about it. Some people just think their shit don’t stink. Don’t sweat it, POF is a lot like a city bus. Miss one opportunity and another is coming around the corner in 15 minutes.

  2. Like it told you she isn’t receiving messages from you or someone like you? Cause that happened to me because I message all the girls that are just looking for a good tome and some women are set up to not receive messages from guys that do that. Along with other reasons I’m sure.

  3. You can be blocked if a person creates a criteria requirement for contacting them. I have tried contacting some girls in the early 20’s and I get blocked because of the age difference. However there is no indication that, that is the reason. Just the one that makes sense.

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