POF : Blocked for being honest and saying I wasn’t interested

POF : Blocked for being honest and saying I wasn’t interested

Some random girl messaged me, I asked her what stuff she was into and it turned out we had fuck all in common.

So I replied saying thanks for messaging, you seem nice but we don’t have much in common so I’ll not waste your time etc.

She blocked me. What the fuck is wrong with people?

By. [deleted]

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  1. Some people don’t handle rejection well. Blocking you might be her way of expressing some kind of power/control over the situation. People do weird things when they feel insecure. Good on you for being straightforward and mature about it.

  2. I think some people are under the (mistaken) impression that if they block someone, it will take that person out of their search results so they won’t message you again by accident. It’s not true, though, unfortunately.

  3. I have had that happen to me before. At least you were honest. The only time I blocked a guy on POF is when they either lied to me and I called them on it, or another time where I had a guy who kept messaging me and adding me as a favorite, then when I tried to respond I was blocked.

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