POF : Blocking and deleting messages not working

POF : Blocking and deleting messages not working

When I choose the option to block, it says all messages will be deleted. It doesn’t work. I can search for the user profile again, go into the messages, and still see our past conversations.

I would also expect if I block someone, that they never show up in my searches again but they do.

By. WarpedTrekker

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  1. Also hate that when you set your mail settings to within a certain age range that people outside of that still show up in your nearby, meet me, etc

  2. When you block someone, it deletes your messages to them… When it feels like it. But they don’t disappear from your searches nor you from theirs. It just means they can’t send you more messages. If you block a guy for sending you a normal message but you feel you are out of his league, that makes you a cunt.

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