POF : Cannot Make an Account – No Indication of Why

POF : Cannot Make an Account – No Indication of Why

So when I try to make an account, fill everything out, and do the captcha…click continue…the page just reloads. It goes nowhere and creates nothing.

I have tried 3 different browsers and a different computer in my house. Numerous e-mails. I also tried Incognito mode cause someone mentioned that might help. No go. This happens every time. No error message.

I cannot have been correctly banned because I have never used this service.

Have absolutely no clue why it won’t let me sign up. I e-mailed customer service but was hoping someone might have a suggestion sooner than the likely several days it will be before I hear anything from them.

By. Boskau90

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  1. This happened to me before. I ended up creating a new email address, used a desktop computer to create my account, and it worked for me. Idk it’s weird.

  2. I’ve experienced similar issues. For whatever reason, their site experiences « moments » of temporary issues/looping (more so than it probably should). I’d try again tomorrow.

  3. I faced the same issue for 2/3 days. Keeps on telling me that the username is invalid or taken no matter how ridiculous my username is lmao


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