POF : Cash fetish

POF : Cash fetish

Every girl i talk to wants cash before meeting up. We can have a steady and chill conversation for a few hours or even a few days, but ask for a coffee or dinner meetup and she throws the cashapp at me. Is anyone else seeing this? How come girls just can’t accept a free coffee anymore, or free drinks? Crap like this makes finding a date so difficult.

By. Hard1core

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  1. Sounds like a scammer. I’m a girl who is on POF and I have never asked for any money via the cash app from any guy I got to know. Just block those users good luck.

  2. Unfortunately there are many scammers on the sites now because there are people lonely enough that they’ll go through with it.

    Report the profiles then block them. I have no problem reporting a catfish or a scammer.

  3. I had one ask me for a $100 steam card for her daughter before we would meet….. I was like nope… and moved on. I »m deleting this app. It’s ridiculous the number of bots and scammers on here.

  4. I had a woman I was talking to. I casually mentioned I was at the bank. Just innocent conversation. And she mentions « oh hey send me some money ». I passed it off as her just being funny like everyone tries to be if you tell them you are at the bank. Or if you are washing your car, they want you to do theirs. Just making a joke.

    Nope, she was kind of serious and even brought up CashApp. I am not familiar with that app at all. At this point we had not even met up yet. This turned me off pretty quickly. She was definitely who she said she was but still. Major turn off.

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