POF : Cash in profile pics

POF : Cash in profile pics

Why do guys post pictures of them with large stacks of money? First, sometimes the pictures look photoshopped. Second, the real ones make me wonder why someone is running around with that much cash vs using a card. Not sexy and seems more like a drug dealer.

One guy had stacks of 20s, 50s, and 100s on his lap. Okay? Why? Then another photo he had hundred dollar bills in his front pockets of his jeans. Then a third pic had a picture of some bill in his shirt pocket. Weird. (2 out of 3 pics he was wearing the same red pants so at least change your clothes if you want to pretend to flash cash around)

In general, it seems like most of the guys are more lower income or live in lower income areas. I mean, it just really makes me wonder why they don’t have a bank account to put the money into to hold.

By. K1gC

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  1. Because it works for them. There is many girls who are only after the money. So they go for the guy who shows off, if it’s fake or real, stacks of cash or a expensive car. It will get them laid by gold diggers, in the end, that’s what both of them are looking for.

    Sad, I know.

  2. Because there is tons of women on POF that eat this up. I always said for the most part, POF is the low hanging fruit of the online dating world. They are playing to their audience. You won’t see this much on Tinder or the other apps.

  3. It also can be a scam. It’s called « money flip »
    You would eventually ask the user what’s whit the cash and they would lure you to take part and take part in it.. Once you give them some money they obviously dissappear.
    Seen this on female profiles.. Googled.. And confronted.. And they dissappear pretty fast after that.

  4. Why are guys posting pictures of money in their profiles?

    Why are women posting pictures of their chest and backside in their pics?

    Because it gives them attention. It makes them feel good about themselves

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