POF : Catfish Caller

POF : Catfish Caller

Catfish Caller

By. lionandtigerandbear

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  1. I’m still working out how to use Reddit, but anyway.

    I met this guy late September and he wanted to have my number to have a voice call. He ended up not calling me until close to 12 AM. During our phone call he asked for my Snapchat. I gave it to him not expecting anything out of it, but without my consent he initiated a video call. I told him it’s too late to video call. Rather than accepting we could video call tomorrow he immediately came to the conclusion I was a catfish and blocked me on Snapchat. I’m not one to prove someone wrong when they’re already being unnecessarily ridiculous, so I let it go and simply deleted our chat on POF. 17 days later I guess he still has hard feelings and wanted to let me know that he still thinks I’m a catfish.

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