POF : Catfish or coward? Or both?

POF : Catfish or coward? Or both?

I’m 44F and not really feeling the love on online dating but hey ho it’s off to POF I go!

Chatting away to a younger man and he was always the one to start the conversation – one day he just deletes his profile. Few days ago he’s back… apologising. We chatted last night, gets up this morning to see there is a notification he has messaged me so I login and yup he’s deleted his profile again!

Why do people do this? Is it just entertainment?

I’m so sceptical chatting with people now and probably give decent men a hard time!

Anyway, how is everyone else finding POF?

By. randomperson9090

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  1. There could be any number of reasons.

    He has multiple profiles and is being deleted by the system.

    He is sending messages that are causing him to be reported/blocked.

    He is in some sort or relationship and gets caught.

    He isn’t who he portrays himself as (age,status,etc)

    He chickens out.

    He just sucks.

    Who knows? Nothing is real until you meet.

  2. He got banned, this can be triggered by someone reporting his profile, or if he got blocked enough times to trigger the ban, the banning system is a bit of an unknown and inconsistent at best


    After being banned, if you do not change your i.p address and email address the system will flag you for a ban again, so there’s a brief period where he could mail you again and he was banned again, sometimes it won’t let messages through, the system they have is flawed and a bit janky.


    That’s what I am going with, I get banned periodically because I send out a lot of messages trying to find someone who will chat, eventually I get blocked enough times to be banned, rinse and repeat, pof has made me into an expert at altering my i.p address and setting up a new profile in minutes, I have had to reconnect with women who I were chatting to multiple times, its a shitty system and a shitty website, its full of bots, it takes work and persistence to get results.

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