POF : Chances I get scammed with this girl asking for a hookup?

POF : Chances I get scammed with this girl asking for a hookup?

So I met this girl on pof the other day. She’s always been up front about it being a casual hookup type thing and she’s asked me to hang out this weekend. She lives an hour and a half away so it’s a little bit of a drive but she is undoubtedly a real person so this isn’t a catfish situation but my only worry is going down there and getting robbed or murdered or some shit lol. What do y’all think the chances are of that?

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  1. Well, theres the chance of that in your local town or big city too.

    So, make sure you practice safe casual fucking.

    -know each others std testing history.

    -wear a hat! HIV and herpes are permanent. Yes, you can get all the sti from oral, so take that with a grain.

    -let a trusted source know where you are going, right down to the apt#. They should know the name and phone number you have been provided, in case they have to provide information to the police.

    -dont tell your hookup year make model of car, this can be used to set a trap, they know when you arrive.

    -street view the address, do a reverse phone search to see if it checks out as a residential address.

    -Street view the road and ones leading up to it so you know where you are going, arent driving slow looking for numbers like a lost visitor.

    -once you arrive and are in safe, text your buddy that you have arrived, and then text again after 5 or 10 minutes in the door that you are safe.

    -dont eat anything you havent prepared or that the hookup hasnt already eaten, from the same batch.

    -Dont drink anything you havent opened. No mixed drinks.

    Take cash only leave your credit cards at home.

    Have at least 50 bucks in cash in case you get.robbed, 50 bucks is the magic number that the thief feels they got enough value from you and will leave it at that. Too much money, and they will want more.

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